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Letter from Vietnam

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Coursework Assignment 3- Best writing, to imagine, explore and entertain. Imagine you are an American soldier in Vietnam. Write a letter home to describe your experiences, thoughts and feelings. Dear Edith, Thank you kindly for your letters; they are a real comfort to me. When I entered the war, I thought we would do our duty and that would be it. I did not realise the extent of what we would be involved in. Three men have been killed from our platoon already and each night I become more and more afraid. Vietnam is so different to America, everything makes me homesick. The conditions here are worsening and the monsoon season is approaching, things are going to become much harder yet. I think I will be ok, I'm quite strong minded, some of the other guys here have no hope, it's really sad. As the war becomes worse the men here have no choice but to stick together. ...read more.


It sounds so clear and incredibly real. So real, that it starts me wondering, are you coming to find me and bring me back home? I only wish you could. Have you changed since I've been gone? You mentioned you were going to dye your hair, what if I don't recognise you? Could you still love me even though I have changed so much? I've seen things that will remain with me for a life time. Wounded soldiers gasping with their last breaths "help me," dead bodies lying in plastic sacks. Each of these bodies belonging to a mother, a father, a wife, a child, or even a best friend. I have killed innocent Vietnamese soldiers that probably lived a life just like mine, how could you forgive me for that? I can't even forgive myself. I know soldiers that have been here for four months longer than me; they have turned into heartless killing machines. They have no emotion and feel no pain. It frightens me that I might become like them. ...read more.


He was still propped against the tree, this made him look alive but the trickles of blood pouring from his head rolling down his cheeks and trickling into his own mouth confirmed otherwise. I couldn't stand it, I just threw up. A mixture of feelings rushed over me. We wrapped him up in blankets and left him lying by the tree, I closed his eyes and we said a prayer for him. I walked back to my tent in a mechanical trance. I didn't sleep that night. I was confused. A selfish part of me was glad that it wasn't me who was killed, but part of me questioned, why him? I know that this will always remain unanswered, but I suppose it doesn't matter now, it's not going to bring him back. It angers me so much, everyday I feel like giving up, but I can't because if I did this I would never see you again. You are all I have; you are the only person that keeps me going. Love you always Your loving fianc´┐Ż, Bill. xxxxx Katie Fleetwood 10m ...read more.

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