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Letter in a bottle.

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November 1883 Letter in a bottle Dear reader, My name is Fay Huit and I am nineteen years old. Among me is my elder sister Cassetty who is twenty-one and my younger sister Felicity who is seventeen. Unfortunately we have been shipwrecked and we are stranded on an island. My sisters and I come from Dundee but we weren't at all happy living there so when we heard about the clipper Duntrune we set off for Australia. There were a large number of passengers going, about up to five hundred. Our journey was fine and then after travelling quite a distance we stopped off at Madeira. ...read more.


Only a few people managed to survive including us. Luckily my sisters and I managed to cling onto some wreckage of the ship and then we got washed ashore on this lonely island. I hardly even know where I am and have little knowledge where the island we are staying on is situated. All I know is that the island is east from the Cape of Good Hope. It has on it a very big forest on the far North East of the island and next to it are some very dangerous cliffs. Running right across the island there is a stream with a couple of hills situated in the middle of it. ...read more.


I have nothing to do on the island and there is hardly any chance of anyone coming to rescue me and I don't even know if this letter will reach anyone but it is my last hope. I mostly miss my aunt and uncle who raised me since I was a baby after my parents died. Every night I cry my eyes out to think that I will never see them again ever in my life and I do realise that my chances are very slim of seeing them. Anyway I better stop writing and hope this letter finds it's way to civilization and please if you find this try and help me and my family in any way and also the others on the island to get out of this crucial state. Thank you. Lots of love and thanks once again, ...read more.

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