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Letter of Complaint

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The Oaks, Sheep Street. London, SW1 1HP 12th February Mr Robert Blackman, Customer Care Department, MFI Furniture Ltd, Rushcliff Industrial Estate, Nottingham, NG2 5BF. Dear Mr Blackman, My wife, as a caterer for the London City Orphanage, spends quite a lot of time in the kitchen and over the past few years, ours has not been to her satisfaction. This Christmas, my wife finally had her wish granted that we should replace our old, rotting kitchen with a brand new MFI "Hygenia Cuisina Extraordinaire". She was ecstatic and for the first week of use, the kitchen lived up to all of MFI's promises of "style, excellence and practicality". ...read more.


I was horrified to discover that the carcass of the sink unit was soaked right through and that water was creeping over the new linoleum towards my carpet in the hallway. Panicking, I dragged out the Hygenia plumbing manual which told me to, "in case of a leak, locate the stop-cock in the under-sink unit and turn it half-way clockwise". I waded through the water, and successfully averted a disaster. If you check your records Mr Blackman, you will discover that I paid �1500 for the kitchen and yet another �1500 for the installation by Happy Kitchens Ltd. I feel that doubling the cost of the kitchen package was unreasonable if the installation process itself was not carried out properly. ...read more.


If you are married, Mr Blackman, you will know how central the kitchen is to married family life. Think how your wife would react if she were unable to wash clothes, unable to keep the house sufficiently hygienic and unable cook properly for your child. That is the state that my wife is in: devastated, distressed and distraught. Consider my situation and I'm sure you will sympathise. You were my last resort, but now you are my last hope and I am counting on your good nature to grant me a replacement sink unit which would revitalise my kitchen and, more importantly, my wife. I readily await your response. Yours sincerely, A B Candidate ...read more.

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