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Letter to Editor- Assisted Suicide

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´╗┐Dear Sir/Madam, Opening: lead-in (background + thesis statement (stance)) I would like to make use of your column to express my opinion on ? Body paragraphs: Argument 1 Argument 2 Counter-argument (argument 3) Closing (Summarize the main point + reiterate your stance) Yours faithfully, Jocelyn Huang Reminder: 1. Audience: general public 2. Purpose 3. Don?t use second person ?you? as it means you are addressing the editor 4. Be objective, avoid ?I?, use passive voice instead e.g. It is generally believed /said that? // The government has to / should ? // Euthanasia Writing Assignment 4: Jocelyn Huang 3W (13) Letter to the editor To the Editor, Altercations on whether or not assisted suicide should be legalized have rang out through the world and this topic has become one of the most popular questions of today. Ben Mattlin had written a cordial article ?Suicide by Choice? ...read more.


Not everything can simply be straightened out with death, and communication among family members is what?s essential at this moment. For the ill people who cannot speak, their family should carefully put forth the will of the sick person and respect the sick person?s will at all cost, with no right to influence their choice. Which leads me to my next point: what exactly is the duty of a physician? It is understood by everyone in this world that physicians are people who heal the sick and injured. But now the adoption of the assisted suicide law would be the same way as saying the physicians could also kill. A physician is to do everything he can to cure the patient, finding every possible way and thinking ?it?s possible?, but not believing that it?s impossible to save the patient and pays no effort to cite optimism. Taking Ben Mattlin?s situation as an example, the doctors questioned whether it was worth trying to extend his life. ...read more.


No matter how ill a patient can be, the patient has the right to live until the last moments, because nobody is certain that there will be a misdiagnose, or a miraculous change of events to the sickness like Ben Mattlin?s. When we hold all these possibilities, we cannot make the decision of whether life or death that easily anymore, and encouraging everyone to think positively, the law of assisted suicide should always be abolished. In a society where everyone?s will is respected, it is considered truthful that even a terminally ill patient has the right to choose his or her own fate. Living is a priority given to us, and we cannot throw away such an important thing away. There is no need for self-sacrifice, as it is only an idealized independence. We all need help, and as for patients, they should not feel any guilt and shame for relying on their family and friends or on the medical care of hospitals. That is why, assisted suicide on no occasion should ever be an option. Yours faithfully, Jocelyn Huang XXX. Hong Kong. Nov 27, 2012 ...read more.

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