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Letter to Juliet

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Victor Palmieri One Tremendous Sunday Dear Diary, Today may very well mark one of the most unforgettable days of my life. However, it didn't quite start that way. The morning began as heartbreaking as I could bear. When the flawless Rosaline shared her feelings with me, my heart sunk to my stomach. She was determined to conceal her beauty by becoming a nun, remaining barren for the rest of her life. Instantly, I was filled with absolute devastation. I couldn't understand why she didn't want my love. Inconsolable, I began locking myself in my own room, roaming the garden in sadness, and ignoring both my friends and family. ...read more.


From the moment I saw her face, I knew that Juliet was the love of my life, and I longed to call her mine. A goddess among women, Juliet had stolen my heart, and I pray that she never returns it. I will never forget the feeling of her soft hands nestled in mine, and the warm and embracing emotion that even the slightest gaze into her eyes brought. Each time we touched, my heart leaped into my throat, and passion flared as we kissed. I may not remember the meaningless words we exchanged, but the sound of her sweet voice and the feel of her gentle lips locked on mine will be embedded into my heart forever. ...read more.


Enjoying what I had heard, I revealed myself to Juliet. Passionately, she asked me to seal our love through marriage. We have decided to marry in secret tomorrow. I cannot wait even a night, but I must be sensible. Because of the ongoing Capulet-Montague rivalry, I know that our marriage may bring troubles. Despite the tension, I am hopeful that mine and Juliet's unbreakable connection can strengthen the bond between our families. I will wait for tomorrow, and strive to make the best of what is to come. Oh dear goddess of Love, smile upon my love for Juliet. With all my heart I pray, bring us only joy and good fortune, because nothing can destroy the connection that we share. With Love, Romeo Montague ?? ?? ?? ?? Palmieri 1 ...read more.

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