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Letter to Local Council about the closure of Wallasey School.

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554 Potter Road Hermione Hogwarts Mummerset MZ46 2OK Miss Angela Eagle Town Hall Wirral CH46 1FT 11/9/09 Dear Miss Eagle, I have been informed of your resent discussion about the closure of Wallasey School and the intention of replacing it with a Supermarket! I was quite disappointed to hear of such rumours, so the following is my pledge for you to reconsider your current decision. May I start by addressing the pupils (and myself) opinion on the decision of closing down Wallasey School? Many of the pupils are hear-broken to hear such things. This school is the heart of the community. Would you ever class a Supermarket as the "heart of the community"? The closure of Wallasey School could bring along a string of violence and aggression from the community. Many pupils see this school as a meeting place to socialize with friends and other pupils. With this social meeting, many children would be without their friends and without their education. ...read more.


Many of the other pupils have shared their point of view with me and many have had the same opinions as I have and would feel quite scared at the prospect of moving to different school. Think to yourself. Where would you be without your education? Yes, they could learn everything else they need know in a different school, but a different surrounding and different people (teachers and pupils) would mean that fitting in and releasing the potential is going to take some time to adapt to. Wouldn't it make not more sense to keep this school, which should I mention has a fantastic reputation, open so that our future pupils and our current pupils can have the best education that Wallasey has to give? Wallasey has a remarkable reputation. With the resent win of "Grease, The School Musical", many have come to our school and mentioned what a talented school we are. ...read more.


Wallasey used to two separated schools in the past, Henry Meols and Oxley. These schools, when knocked down, were rebuilt and joined together to form Wallasey School. The History of the two schools and the Wallasey School has been amazing and would indeed be lost if the closure of the school was to happen. Many of the older generations and the current generation's memories would be lost and I am sure that the community would also be quite upset with the loss of one of their most historic schools. How would you feel if all your childhood memories were taken away from you? I hope that you read this with an empty mind and have taken into consideration all the reasons for keeping Wallasey School open and the fact that I have also taken into account the apposing argument. Please reconsider your choice and let the Wallasey School have a much larger history and give more children to opportunity to learn from, in my opinion, the best. Yours Sincerely Amanda Panda ...read more.

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