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letter to the council

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4 Charlie Street Leicester High fields Le2 9lq Monday 26th February 2007 Leicester city council 141 Welford Road Leicester Le2 3lp RE: CLOSURE OF THE PARK Dear sir/madam, I am deeply saddened by your decision to close Spinney Hill Park. This is the only major park in high fields. Spinney Hill Park is a massive park; it has 34 acres of sloping parkland, with two popular and well-equipped play areas and an adventure playground. ...read more.


Some elderly people come to sit on the benches provided and play cards with their friends. Some people take their pets for an early walk. Some people go to Spinney Hill Park to do exercise. Some times people come to Spinney Hill Park because there is a funfair in the park and want to have some fun by going on the rides in the funfair. There are many rare animals that can be sighted on rare occasions. ...read more.


When land is cleared for farming or building, plants and trees are chopped down, burnt or left to rot, and all the carbon stored away in the wood is turned back into carbon dioxide gas. Activities such as land clearing and ploughing to plant crops also disturb the soil. This causes the carbon in the soil to be released into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide gas. If Spinney Hill Park does not close then it will be good for the environment and the users of Spinney Hill Park and people will be able to visit the park as usual. Yours faithfully Hamza Daud ...read more.

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