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Letter to the Editor - Womens boxing in the 2012 Olympics

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Letter to the Editor Thursday, July 8, 2010 Dear Sir/Madam: I am writing to express my approval to the article "Women's boxing at the London 2012 Olympics: raging belle" published on March 8th, 2010 where it states that women's professional boxing may be accepted worldwide at the Olympics 2012. I agree with it, because as a feminist I state that women have to have the same rights as men, that we have the same strength, and that this will mark women's representation at the Olympics forever. But I strongly disagree with what people say that women boxing are not very nice to watch. It is my firm belief, that first of all, women and men should be treated the same in all aspects, because we were created ...read more.


So women's professional boxing being accepted will change that, in a good way, just like women's professional tennis, where men would not like to see women play, because they where so delicate and would get hurt. But from what the article says, women are more committed than men. When we want something we don't stop until we have obtained it. Since they do not want to get hurt, female boxers rely mostly on technique and trainers say that women have fewer issues because they are very focused and extremely dedicated. Third of all, can you judge negatively a woman playing a "manly" sport when you have never seen it? ...read more.


In conclusion I believe that women's boxing will change the way we see this, it will show the world that women are tough and strong and can compete at all levels. It will show that their effort is worth the risk of suffering and it will also equalize men and women of all the world, so that no one is different or inferior and is not available to do that sport because of your sex. So my recommendation is that you go and see that ladies fight, because they will be great, and I hope that the comity decides to let them play the game they really love and is their passion. Thank you very much. Magdalena Vega 630 words ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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