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Letter Written In Response To An Article On Teenagers.

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´╗┐Jason Perera, XX XXXXX XXXX, Morden, XXX XXX Daily Mail 15 London Road, London, United Kingdom. Dear Daily Mail Editor, I am Jason Perera, a year 11 student from Wimbledon College, London. I wish to remark on the article, ?What sort of example is this to set our children,? which was published by the Daily Mail on the 23rd of September 2011. In this letter, I will primarily discuss the concept of media and its importance to the modern society. Next, I would talk about, how teenagers are negatively and positively portrayed in the media. Finally to conclude, I will state my overall thoughts and opinions on the entire concept. In the past, teenagers used to be the forgotten group in society; the ones stuck between being ?cute kids? and ?responsible adults.? However all that has been changed over the last 20 years or so; the media realises that teens are slowly getting their voices heard in today?s society. ...read more.


Nevertheless, this does not give you the right to brand all teenagers as anti- social yobs that drink, smoke and have sexual intercourse! This article has convinced me that in this case, the teachers should be responsible for the lack of behaviour and academic achievements in Passmores School. I quote that ?childish behaviour by the teachers? set ?a very bad example to the pupils.? Mr Drew is a prime example of unprofessionalism; he remarks on the name ?Koch? whilst conducting his history class. Mr Drew then says that ?Without wishing to sound flippant about it, a teacher has to entertain.? Entertain? What kind of humour is this? Then there is Mr Goddard, the headmaster of Passmores; he defended his two fingered gesture, saying: ?Mates muck around.? These constant excuses from the behavioural issues of teachers support that teachers are the reason that Passmores is underachieving! To solve these complications, I strongly believe that teachers and students should be educated adequately to improve their school. ...read more.


He adds that, ?This sort of behaviour shouldn?t be allowed and there is extremely childish behaviour by teachers, who are setting a very bad example for the pupils.? I couldn?t agree more. I am deeply offended about the media?s negative portrayals of teens in our society. Conversely, the media portrays teenagers positively; a BBC show named ?Young Apprentice? is a classic example of showing confident, enthusiastic and passionate young adults. Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of Facebook sets a prime example for creative thinking and entrepreneurism. The media should portray teenagers as the next step onto our future. Finally, by portraying teens negatively the media lowers their self- esteem and confidence. We should highlight the brighter sides of teens today. The media is mistaken to believe that teenagers are scumbags and poor excuses of getting hold of headlines. I hope that I have persuaded you on my opinion and I hope my words are meaningful enough to see teenagers as big bright stars. Yours Sincerely, Jason Perera. ...read more.

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