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Letters Home

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"Letters Home" Mr Smith 13 rue de Boris Geneva To my good friend Edward, It has been many a difficult few months for me. As you may recall when I wrote to you last in the winter on my way to Rome, I was on my way to stay with my dearest Aunt, Mrs Costello. I very much hoped to meet with the young lady Miss Miller I had met previously in Vevey. I got to Rome full of high hopes and expectations only for it to all end in tragedy. Miss Miller's sudden death saddened me greatly and only made this trip to Italy all the worse. When I first told my Aunt of Miss Miller back in Vevey, she warned me that Miss Miller and her family were common folk and that I should have nothing to do with them. Only now do I realise that I should have listened to her back then. I experienced much hurt in that trip to Rome. It could all have been avoided had I not ever set my eyes upon this beautiful lady. Upon arriving in Rome I was told of her gallivanting around with various men, however it was Mr Giovanelli who clearly had the majority of her attention. ...read more.


Frederick had come to visit me and came across this girl and her family again. Although I warned him many times about seeing this girl, I do feel for him. He became very attached, however he is the only one to be blamed for his grief. He doesn't talk of her any more although I know that she is often in his thoughts. I told him the day he came to Rome that this girl had been going around with all sorts of folk, not to mention the courier. She was always a flirtatious girl who wanted nothing more than to tease poor Frederick until she found a better source of fun. Often I mentioned this to Frederick in Vevey, but he never listened. However when we arrived in Rome he finally realized what I meant. She had been going around all over the place and Frederick was bound to be dragged in to the situation. I always knew it would only ever end in tragedy. Everyone was talking about her all over Rome. She would be seen all over the town with a different man on her arm every time. The Americans never had any respect for the culture in Europe. ...read more.


Miller showed little emotion when he came to Rome, but we have now gone back to Schenectady. Randolph and I would not have been able to cope on out own without our dearest Annie. It seems we had few friends in Europe, so we are glad to be back in Schenectady. I can only blame myself for Daisy's death. I should have held her back at times when she wanted to go out. Mr. Winterbourne was a nice man. Maybe I should have stopped her seeing Mr. Giovanelli. My life feels so empty without Daisy. I would do anything to bring her back. Randolph is growing up, but we will never be able to replace Daisy. We are all missing her dearly, but perhaps we knew the end was inevitable. She was always going around all over the place. She was bound to get the fever sometime. Perhaps I should have done something, said something, but now it is all too late. Yours, Mrs. Miller Character study: Mrs. Miller is mother of Randolph and Daisy. She is a very nervous and ill woman and this can be seen in the letter. Due to her lack of control over Daisy's actions, she is seen as low class and a bad mother. This letter is very personal and emotional after Daisy's death. It is intimate and informal, perhaps showing a lack of class in the language and informality. ...read more.

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