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Libby can you help me with these bags please" snapped Anna her beautifully shaped figure struggerling though the front door with

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English Course work ORIGINAL WRITING: Opening chapter Libby gradually walked down the lightly shaded path, her chestnut coloured hair flapping in the warm breeze. Her dazzling blue eyes shimmering in the sun, even though the day was sunny a light overcast of clouds cluttered up the afternoon sky. The large oak trees hovered their branches over the path as if they wanted to reach the other side. Many of their leaves had turned into beautiful shades of amber, gold and russet and fallen to the pavement below. Libby had her coat over her arm and her bag-now signed by all her friends- slung over her opposite shoulder. She felt somewhat saddened as she was leaving the city not knowing if she would ever return. Libby reached the top of the hill that over looked the city, it was so beautiful even if it was a view of blocks of high raised flats and factories but it was a view that Libby wasn't going to see for a long time. She carried on walking down the path thinking about what she was going to do when she was got home, she crossed the road and continued to walk down the hill. She had lived in Oakhaven since she was little but now it was the time to move on that is with the help of her mum and dad. You see her mum had decided that she didn't want to live in Oakhaven anymore with Libby's dad because she had fallen in love with someone else which is really not surprising as she was only staying with him because of Libby's sake. Libby's dad didn't love Libby, in his eyes she was a mistake and didn't want to look after Libby by himself but time had now come for him to look after her he decided to send her to live with Libby's mum's stepsister. Libby's dad much like Libby's mum had found other someone to love which lived with them in there house. ...read more.


One of them was laid with two plates, two side plates, a bowl and the appropriate cutlery. At the other end of the room where Libby was facing stood a marble fireplace with a fire blazing in its half. ' Good morning Elisabeth', Said Libby's aunt as she came down the stairs. ' I'm glad to see you are up and ready for the day ahead'. ' Good Morning Aunt Cassie', said Libby, ' Sleep well?' 'Yes I did. Thank-you. You?' she replied ' Yes, Thanks'. ' Good. Breakfast will be ready in an hour at nine thirty so you could look around the house while you wait', Said Cassie ' Okay', said Libby. Libby decided it was best to start outside so she opened the large oak door and took a breath of the fresh, clean country air. She took one step out the door before shutting the door behind her stepped onto the gravel pat. She started to walk along the path that led off the gravel path and into the vast gardens that boarded Honeyfield Manor. From what Libby could see the gardens went on forever, it even led into Honey wood, which separated Honeyfield Manor from Waterfield Manor where Mr and Mrs Smith lived with their son Felix. Libby had yet not met Felix and was not sure if she ever would as she didn't know how old he was so therefore wasn't sure if he went to school or work. But she was sure that she would soon find out sooner or later. Libby would be joining Barley Cross High School after the half term holidays had finished. On the other side of Honeyfield manor and up the road a bit stood a lovely country cottage where Matt and his dad lived. Cassie would hold the Winter Ball like she did every year, which would give Libby a chance to meet and mingle with the children in her year. ...read more.


'Felix? Libby where are you? Lunch is ready'. 'Come on then', said Libby starting to climb down the ladders followed by Felix. They walked into his bedroom to Felix's mum 'Where have you to been?' she asked 'Up on the roof', replied Felix 'That's nice. Anyway dinners ready now so come down stairs', said Edna Libby and Felix followed Edna down the stairs, onto the ground floor and into the dinning room where Cassie and Felix's dad were already seated at the dining room table talking happily about schooling 'So any I said to Felix just yesterday that even if school is boring to you, you'll get a good education so what's the point of moaning' Said Mr Smith as Libby and Felix took there seats opposite each other at the table. 'So this is Elisabeth. Libby?' Said Mr Smith 'Libby. Yes that's right', she replied taking a sip of her water. 'Good, Good'. 'Lunch is served', called a maid who was followed by a number of others each carrying two plates each. All of them laying it on the table, waiting to be eaten. 'Thanks that was really nice', said Libby as they stepped outside into the fresh cold air. 'Your welcome to come around anytime', said Edna 'Thanks again. I'll see you tomorrow Felix', said Libby setting off up the path followed by her aunt. 'Bye', called Felix after them 'You like her don't you', said Edna closing the door. 'Yeah she's a nice girl', he said walking up the stairs back to his bedroom. 'Do you like Felix then?' asked Cassie They started to slowly walk down the muddy path towards the woods. They crossed the small wooden bridge that arched the river and walked further and further into the woods. They carried on walking until the path turned into a folk 'Yeah, he's cool', replied Libby as they reached the woods opening . They reached the stone steps and Jayne opened the door. 'Have a nice Lunch?' she asked letting them in. 'Yes it was very nice replied Libby shutting the door behind her. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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