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Licence To Kill

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Licence To Kill He woke with a start. The screams still echoing in his ear. Was it real or not? Sweat trickled down his face. He was breathing heavily. He had been having the same dream for the last three days. He lay down in his bed hoping it would all go away. He was back. It was pitch black. The silence was deafening. He could see a dim light in the distance. It was late at night. Who would be awake at this time? He asked himself. Suddenly his bedroom appeared, screams splitting his ears, blood all over his hands, the knife lay there in front of him, his wife dead in a pool of blood. Aaargghh! His heart was beating furiously. "knock, knock". He got out of bed and walked steadily to the door. "Hello sir, is there a problem? I heard some shouting" "N, n, n no, nothings wrong" he stuttered "Well breakfast is served in the restaurant now, sir" The man knew he would have to cut his business trip short. ...read more.


Was he too late? He crept into the house as not to alert the murderer. To his horror his wife was kissing another man. His mind went blank. He had a sudden urge to hit someone. Anger rose up in side him. He was boiling. He ran to the kitchen fetched the first thing in his sight, a knife, and charged into the room. He jabbed the knife into the mans back several times. His wife's screams rang around the room. He couldn't take it anymore. He thrust the knife into his partner's heart. He looked at them in disgust. They were lying in pools of blood. He felt no regret but felt pleased. He liked it. He felt good killing them. They both deserved it he whispered under his breath. He cleaned himself up and left the house. With no place in mind he started the car and drove off. After an hour of driving he stopped at the side of the road. ...read more.


The man from the dream ran away panic stricken, he tripped over a cracked pavement and fell to the floor. In the blink of an eye he lay their blood gushing out of him. All of a sudden it started to rain heavily. The murderer ran to his car and hurried off to the airport. Luckily there were no witnesses. Or was it luck? The rain had washed away all the evidence. With his tickets clutched in his hands he sat down in the lounge waiting to board the plane. His thoughts only of whom his next victim would be. As he walked through the security detectors, a bleeping noise sounded. Abruptly he fell to the floor with a seething headache. Suddenly his eyesight went blurry and everything blanked out. Meanwhile, in the secret headquarters of the R.C.B. (robot crime busters) somewhere in America, an explosion of sound erupted. "Operation R1257 has broken down, some technical fault I think" "Ok switch to Operation R1999, we can't fail now" 30 000 miles away a boy of eleven years woke with a start. The screams still echoing in his ears... ...read more.

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