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Life in a day

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Life in a day The weekends have finished, Monday another boring day at school. All I ever wanted to do was forget its school and go to sleep. I am running late, its 8.00am and the bathroom was occupied. My little brother had just got into the bathroom just before me. I was impatient. If I am late again I knew I would get detention as you get one if you be late twice in a week. I yell at my brother to hurry up. He finally comes out at 8.20am and I rush myself to have a shower and brush my teeth. To my luck I remembered that I hadn't ironed my uniform. So I quickly ironed them and rush downstairs for breakfast. It is already 8.40 and I have to be in school by 8.50am. I eat quickly and get my bag and I run to school. I really don't want to be late as I already had a late mark, and if I got another, I will be sitting in a room for an hour with nothing to do. ...read more.


I told him calm down and I told them its better to let us play or my mates will beat you up. They said yes and so we played a match. It was 3-3 time for the bell to go and my mate scored the final goal as I crossed the ball in. Breaks finished time for another lesson. I thought for a bunch of wusses they played good against our class. I weren't sure of what lesson it was so I asked my mate what was it and he said it was French. I hated that lesson and I wouldn't be able to bunk the lesson as she knows I am here. I walked there with my head down, had to sit in the front as she says I talk too much in the back. I crossed my fingers hoping she wouldn't be here, but as usual she comes in talking in French and I wasn't even able to understand a word she is saying. ...read more.


The teacher said you can't go, I think he sussed him out. Later on another teacher comes in saying that she found bowa's bag and said that it was in the corridor. It was hilarious and I started laughing at him because he didn't get to skip the lesson. Well the lesson was nearly over and we had to pack up our equipments and clear the table. Well the last lesson was maths. This lesson is always boring there's never any fun. And the teacher is very strict. We always do work so and today was algebra. When the school was nearly over I always wait outside for my mates. I was counting the minutes gone by in my watch. Well the bell was about to ring and I packed up then after the bell I waited for my mates and then went home together. As we were walking there was a puddle and I nearly pushed my mate in there. Well I was here my house and I said goodbye to mates and went in and just sat at the TV. ...read more.

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