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life in day of...

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A life in the day of... I'm kind of a lazy type of guy. I don't like to start my day off by hearing the continuous ringing sound of an annoying alarm clock. I don't have the will to do anything during the morning so I just lay in bed mindlessly until 12 o clock unless it's a school day. On school days, I would probably wake up at 7 at the latest so I don't have to be in a rush during the morning. When it's a weekend, I probably get up at something like half past twelve and then finally start to do something physical like walk around or do my bed. When I can't be bothered to get up, which is normally always, I usually manage somehow to go back to sleep until there's a point where I'm not tired anymore. After breakfast, I usually go to the slough high street for a walk and to get some fresh air instead of being stuck in a stuffy room or to meet up with friends and just walk around doing absolutely nothing! ...read more.


I'm an outgoing type of guy so I would just go to a relatives house like a cousin or uncle that I haven't seen for a while for the day and chill out or catch up with them since they're fasting too and have a lot of time on their hands. Fashion is a big thing for me so I normally just wear whatever is stylish at the time. Most of the time, I don't plan my day, I'm just thinking what next all the way through. I don't like planning what to do like people that are always up-to-date with everything. I refuse to be one of those paranoid types of people that are always wondering what I am doing next. What should I do tomorrow? Where should I go in an hour? I always wear something I can run in comfortably. Shorts and a T-Shirt if it's hot but if it's a mild type of weather, I would wear something like a hoody with jeans and try to cover my body. ...read more.


When I'm at home it's completely different to when I'm not, I behave differently. When I'm at home, I just take it easy, kick back and relax. Lunch is usually late - about two or three o' clock, some days. I like to have at least one meal of junk food in a week - Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC something like that. When I play in a match, I don't fast because of the amount of running I have to do so I just eat a fairly heavy meal quite early and then I won't eat again for the rest of my day unless I'm really hungry. I don't like to go to bed early as it isn't really easy for me to sleep early, so I do my homework if I have any that I haven't already done yet. I normally go to bed at 11 unless I have something to do or if there's something I want to watch on TV. Normally when I go to bed, I don't feel tired straight away so I just lay there listening to music on my iPod but in the end, I finally get some sleep! ...read more.

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