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Life in the Day of…the one and only…Zulfqar Ali!

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A Life in the Day of...the one and only...Zulfqar Ali! Most people's nightmares never come true. Mine do, every school morning. I see teachers that aren't there to teach, but to terrorise. On one side of their desk I see a volcano of homework and on the other I see a mountain of cold blue papers, which they use to punish the young innocent victims, just so they can get a thrill out of it. Just as the school day in my nightmares is about to end, there's a magnificent burst of light. It's like I'm being rewarded in surviving for my long and tiring day at school. However to my utter disappointment my mum waltzes in and swings open my curtains and shouts, "You'll be late, it's already eight o' clock!" This is when the real test begins. Whatever I do I can never wake up before eight o' clock, no matter what time I sleep the night before. I've got two sisters who go to school and I'm always the last one to get up and manage to ready. I usually end up doing everything in a hurry. ...read more.


At the front gates is normally a group of teachers looking for their next victim. They're rubbing their hands together looking forward to the day ahead with an enormous grin on their evil faces. Then suddenly I get the vibes that they're staring at me. I quickly put my brain into gear and start to think what I've done so I could make an original excuse. Now I'm about ten steps away from them and I still haven't thought of what I've supposed to have done wrong. Now I'm about two baby steps away and suddenly I notice that there aren't any other pupils around. I'm late!! I rapidly start to think of a excuse, but too late!! I put my hands over my ears just as the teacher thunderously bellows out, "You're late!!!!" I start saying the first things that come into my sleepy head and it's usually something like this, 'Sorry, ******* accident, late me wake, I hurt ####chase dog.' Eventually I just give up and surrender and put my hand out for the detention slip. ...read more.


However all this soon changes if my two-year-old nephew comes. He pulls me from the scruff of my neck and drags me outside. You're probably thinking how a two-year old can pull me up and make me go outside, when no one else in the world can achieve this. He has very strong persuasive powers that make it possible for him to have anything and everything that he wants, including using me as a punch bag. We usually go in the garden and play football until his hearts content. The session usually finishes off with him knocking me flat out. In the evening I go and surf the Internet, E-mail a few friends, play some games and research some boring homework, or maybe I'll just carry on with the games. Now I'll go to my friend's house a few blocks away and get his brother to give us a lift to a take-away, only five minutes walk away. I go to bed at about ten-thirty, but can never get to sleep until really late. Then I wake up and my nightmare starts all over again! ...read more.

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