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Life inside

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LIFE INSIDE It all happened along time ago in Mississippi when there was a robbery in the local bank and two of the cashiers were shot dead. The robber/killer had a mask on but the witness knew that he was black because he wasn't wearing any gloves. When he left the bank he jumped into a white car just like my one but no one got his registration number. Since it was a long time ago there was a lot of racists in the town were I was living and nearly all my life I had to stick with the abuse that they threw at me. A few days later the police came knocking at my door and arrested me. I ended up in court in front of an all white jury and a white judge. ...read more.


It was a dirty and smelly room with a set of bunk beds and a toilet. I was sharing the room with a man called John and he was white and from then on he made my life a living hell. He hit me, punched me and kicked me. He was just a bully. It was as if the guards were on his side because when he was kicking me about they stood and watched. They were even laughing. I would have stood up to John but he was 6 foot big and he had a lot of friends who were out to get me for no reason except that I was black. Apart from him and all the other racists in the prison I thought it wasn't as bad as it is made out to be. ...read more.


He came into the prison to visit me and we became great friends. He and his friends started up a lawsuit trying to get me free because out of a lot of people he believed that I was innocent. When I was in the prison I stayed awake at night when everyone else was asleep and I went to sleep during the day when everyone was awake. I asked to be transferred into my own cell and the guards weren't going to allow it because they loved seeing John beat me about but luckily the chief of the prison let me move. I got a lot more sleep and I didn't have to worry about John. In the end up Peter and his friends won the court case and I was set free after 25 years. It's a very long time to be in prison. BUT IT'S A LOT LONGER IF YOU'RE INNOCENT!!! ...read more.

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