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Life is a documentary

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Life's a documentary It was 1995 and T.J Jackson was the first 13 year old to have earned a place in Compton's basketball team, The Compton Craze. He went to a free trial and made it in to the team. T.J wasn't a very lucky teenager and had a bad childhood, his dad beat him and his sisters and nearly killed his mother which made his mum stay at her friends sometimes, and he had to beg on the streets at the age of 7 because his dad couldn't pay the rent for his 2 bedroom flat, also he watched his father put a gun to his uncle and shoot him because he went too far with a joke and was told not to mention a word or he would die. At the age of 12 his father was arrested on drug allegations. Now at 13 years old he was playing for the youth team of The Compton Craze who offered T.J $200 worth of equipment such as, a full kit, basketball shoes, and a basketball to practice with. T.J's mother was a former Crip affiliated gang member. ...read more.


From that day on, he loved only money and his mother. Creepa used his hustling money to buy a gun, and he always kept it with him even if he didn't need it. After the age of eighteen he started following his older gang member who was a very rich rapper. He went by the name of Big Fellow 64 as he was a big, intimidating rapper who only rapped on beats for 64 bars, which were 64 lines of non-stop rhyming. He followed Big Fellow 64 so much that he dropped the basketball for a mic to become a rapper. He decided to keep selling drugs but not to take them as he wanted to focus on only breathing out lyrics and not smoke. At the age of 19 Creepa had studied various influencing rap albums and made a strategy to become a successful rapper with help from Big Fellow, they founded "Girls, Money and Weed Records". The label went on to become successful as it featured many famous rappers. Within 2 years at the age of 21 Creepa had made his first album with famous producer Dr. ...read more.


She ran to the room of Creepa and shouted at him. He told her what happened and she blamed him. "It's your fault, you shouldn't have sold drugs. You thought I didn't know, a couple snitches told me." Creepa laughed, and he told his mother the truth about her she didn't know he knew. "Mother you don't work, you hustle with drugs. I seen you at 5th street, well Craig did. So don't give me that shit momma." His kid's heard the shouting and started crying. "Thanks momma, let me go stop them from crying." He went to put them back to sleep. As he went back outside he saw a man wearing all blue and had a gun to him. He put it to his head and asked him if he was Creepa. "Yes man, I am Creepa why man, please don't kill me man I got kids." The man laughed and shouted, "Crip gang for life punk!" and then shot Creepa in the head. Creepa died instantly with internal bleeding and fell to the floor. His mother came out of the room. "Hey baby, that boy dead man. Crip for life, it damn feels good to smell pain again. Blue over bitches!" ...read more.

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