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Life-Long Best Friends

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´╗┐Narrative Essay 10/05/2012 Life-Long Best Friends It was 19th of August, a hot summer day. As usual on every weekend since I was 17, Mursal and Lisa, my two best friends, and I, went on a picnic. I diligently carried out my chores, packed my picnic bag and off I went to collect my friends. ?It is going to be a beautiful day,? I thought to myself as I rode down the street. Unknown to me, I was to learn that day that the good die young. Mursal and I were born on the same day. Her father and mine were best friends from their days in high school. Their story is very much like a novel or a movie about two life-long best friends. They joined the marines and both got married the same year. Interestingly, they had their firstborn on the same day. ...read more.


I cannot explain why, but a chill ran down my spine. I had never seen Mursal that serious before. ?I promise,? I mumbled, barely audibly. It was almost dark and we had to rush home or else our parents got worried. Lisa?s home was the nearest from the river. She shouted goodnight and rode into their compound. Next was Mursal?s. ?Remember your promise!? she shouted as she turned to enter their compound. Those words haunt me to this day. Out of nowhere, a sports car swerved around the corner and headed straight at us. ?Mursal!? I cried out as I swerved to avoid the oncoming car. The next things I heard were skidding tires and a loud bang. I was in a daze. I saw people screaming and running towards where the car had stopped. I think I passed out. When I came to, I saw Mursal?s mother holding a bloody, lifeless body, weeping hysterically. ...read more.


I was angry, bitter and inconsolable. How could God take her away so soon? There were so many unscrupulous people around, but God chose to take Mursal. Life was never going to be the same again without Mursal. A million friends could never replace her or even one million angels, I thought. Then one evening, I was sitting with my mother after tea, and I asked her, ?Mum, does God love us? If He does why does He hurt us so badly?? With loving, teary eyes she looked at me and said, ?God loves us so much my child. He takes the righteous when they are still little, before the world can hurt them, and makes them angels.? I feel Mursal next to me, following whichever path I choose, because she is the most faithful of friends. She is my angel now. ...read more.

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