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Life only makes sense when viewed backwards - Too bad we have to live it forwards - on relationships.

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Life only makes sense when viewed backwards. Too bad we have to live it forwards Sometimes boys make you all happy when they talk to you. That is until they stab you in the throat with one of those things that you move the hot logs around in a fire place. Sometimes I wonder how much of a relationship is founded on comfort. And I don't mean that in any emotional or figurative way, I mean actual physical comfort. Example conversation I had with a guy: "She's always complaining, she hates my family, and she never picks up her stupid phone. God, she pisses me off!" "So why are you still with her?" "I don't know.. it's just.. when we're in bed, and I'm holding her in my arms.. it just feels perfect, you know?" Perfect. Would a guy really turn a blind eye to all signs of impending relationship doom because of a neat physical fit with his girlfriend? I'm not talking sex here, but just a comfort zone they don't feel like rebuilding? ...read more.


The music and the community are great, I just think there's better philosophies one can take to mind. "Emo kid" should mean someone who listens to emo, not someone who only stops crying to start screaming. Everywhere I am I think you are I don't quite know what it is I feel anymore. Have you ever had a week where your whole world seems to have turned upside down? I have never had such a strikingly awkward, and yet amazing feeling. I've always wondered if one day I would just think differently. To explain better... Sometimes I think, "I will do X everyday from now on." But I don't. I always sort of attributed it to the fact that I am who I am, and there are just things you can't change. Well I am dumbfounded by how I feel. I feel completely different. Something had to be the catalyst, and I keep thinking I will wake up, and go back to the way I was. ...read more.


The loss of anything feels like a loss. Doesn't matter if the gains far surpass it. When the time is right, you deal with these things, cite them, write them, relax in the notions that swirl around. You can not rekindle what you left, it will never be the same, never feel the same, never taste the same. You are moving on, and that is okay. Our own fear of death, and finality takes a role in our fears towards the end. They are irrational, and even that is okay. Do not try and force the feelings you want to hide away. Take the plaster off quickly, for while it may sting, it won't sting as long. And you can do other things while still numb, grow into new ideas and concepts, and learn what it means to cherish WHO a person is, and not be dependant. Once upon a time, I saw a boy. Now all I see are jumbled pictures of that first night. The only thing I choose to remember in a world of forgotten dreams. .............../��/) ............,/�../ / .........../..../ / ...../��/'...'/���.`�� ../'/.../..../.....:^.��\ ('(...�...�.... �_/'.. .'/ .\.................'...../ ..'\'...\.......... _.�� ....\..............( ......\............. ...read more.

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