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Life or Death?

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Life or Death? That is the Question "What you say we treat ourselves to a wild night out, honey?" "At this time it's only 9 o'clock." "Yeah, I mean later on, say 10 o'clock." "Yeah sure, why not, at least that way I can show you what I'm made of." "Alright, yeah sure." "You go and get ready knowing beautiful girls like you take years to get ready." "Shhhhh." Hannah hurries off to get ready with her body full of energy and excitement, while her fianc´┐Ż Ed has a feeling of fear going through his nerves and tries to sit down and relieve this fear. Ed thought of something his closest friend used to ask him when he was a young boy. "What is your deepest fear Ed?" Ed was very young and he never had a chance to answer his questions as his inner self was perplexed with different thoughts, but none of these thoughts could group together to give him an answer of what his deepest fear really was and it was too late for him to gather an answer before his friend had passed away. ...read more.


Ed and Hannah both got in the club without any hassle. There ears opened up, their ear drums vibrating continuously due to a rage of music and there were crowds of multicultural people socialising and enjoying themselves. It seemed too claustrophobic, but then they both settled down and shared a conversation with one another. "What drink shall I get u sweetheart?" "Hmmm, the Life or death cocktail!" "Okay." Ed knew he had something that he had to face up that day, but what his heart was telling him was different to what his conscience told him. He knew that he had to do something and he had a thought which told him the answer to his friend's question. He went up to the DJ, and explained to him that he wanted to say something. Although the DJ was unsure whether to pass the microphone to Ed, he still proceeded. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I know this is not a time to interrupt your night, but there is one thing I would like to say and I hope you don't mind sparing a few minutes with me." Ed spoke to the crowds of people, shaking the microphone with the pressure and struggling to hold his nerves. ...read more.


"Let's go and check, Ed come with me." Ed knew something had happened but full of pain he tried to work his way out of it but he couldn't bare the fear Hannah was in. They both went downstairs, step by step, not a sound, except the door creaking from the dry hinges. Ed went into the study while Hannah went into the living room. Both of them switched on the lights at the same time only to be welcomed by silence and a normal room. As Hannah turned around she was grabbed from behind and was almost being strangled. "EEEEEE.......D." she tried to yell, struggling to shout. "Hannnnnnnnahhhhh, get off of her leave her alone, what have we done to deserve this you coward." Hannah was being held at gun point while both the intruder and Hannah watched the reactions of Ed. "You haven't done anything; all I want is the money and your valuables, if not then heaven will be rewarded with this lady." "You have 5 seconds to decide what you want." "I need more time." Ed replied. "Sorry, you have 5 seconds." "Hannah I love you and I want to ask you something." "Han, will you marry me?" "Sorry, time up." The trigger was pulled and it was too late, only to leave a slight grin on Ed's face...... ...read more.

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