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Life - personal writing

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Me and my mum started going downhill with our relationship when she met Richard. It was fine at start but then towards end of year 6 it were noticeable that we weren't as close anymore. Mum put Richard and his kids, Thomas and charlotte before us. We all lived at hapton st i.e. me Siobhan Becky Richard and my mum and Thomas and charlotte came over in the holidays. My mum and Richard argued all time when we were at hapton st about money and the kids Inc me and also if my mum made mistakes. Richard would get so angry he would hit my mum and then she would say that she was in the wrong then they would make up. One time when at hapton st things got that bad that Richard came flying up the stairs to come and drag me and Becky out of bed, Becky had already scrambled on to the top bunk bed with me cause of all the noise they were making breaking things and screaming at each other we clung on each other trying to comfort each other which is a bit bad when I'm clinging on my little sister cause I'm scared. So he came flying up and my mum were not long after him he slammed open the door yelling at us to get out of his house now and that we were scum cause we were Whiteside's and he wanted nothing more to do with us . we just froze scared my mum was there screaming telling him to leave us alone , so then he started pulling my arm ...read more.


toys and you never expect to be disowned by your mum for nothing to be told that they hate you, that you were a mistake and she wishes you were no daughter of theirs. Well that's what I got told and people call her a responsible loving mum, what mum in the right mind would do that if they loved them and cared for them, so she does not deserve to be a mum. She ruined Siobhan's life chucking her out at the age of nine, then ruined mine by giving me nothing but abuse until she drove me out and I could no longer take it. I started rebelling I decided getting into trouble, my grades went downhill. I was constantly skiving and being aggressive to the teachers when they would tell me off yelling that I hated adults. I was only saying this cause of what had gone on a home now I look back and see all they ever did was try and help but I threw it back in their faces. I started smoking in year 7 to calm me down but it didn't work most of the time, cause I would flip out at the tiniest things, I would punch walls, smash bottles, hit other people. I hated who I was and couldn't cope with it all so all the stuff I did was to numb the upset and pain what were happening at home. My other best mate bbee was a great help with my anger she knew when I was about to flip and how to calm me down. ...read more.


So it got to twenty past two and I was in form, I could see him he had changed a little but I still could tell that he was my dad. It was quiet funny really because he was just as nervous as me, every few seconds he was running round side of the van and trying to calm down. So half past 2 came about ten of my mates came with me they all wanted to meet my dad we all walked towards the van, amber and bbee holding on to me. We got to the van and I said hi and introduced all my mates to him then they all went. I and my dad felt awkward gut we decided we would go MacDonald's and talk about everything. Ever since I have lived with my dad I feel like a whole new person, I have a family that love me , I have changed my behaviour and I am respected for who I am . Although I miss my mates but I still keep in contact with them and I have made new ones too. Ringing my dad was the best decision I ever made I am so happy and it feels like I have been living with them all my life. Jean my step mum is like a big sister I can talk to her about anything, we have our little arguments but we make up at the end of it. My life is so much better and I feel Becky will have a better life here cause she will be next and she been through enough already. ...read more.

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