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Life's Events and Hassles - how they've affected me.

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´╗┐Life events & Hassles Psychology 101 Steven Matthews 3/28/2012 Professor Paily ________________ ________________ Many of life?s events and hassles that we go through can either build or break us. One of my life events I can reminisce is the transformation from high school to college. As a high school student I was so used to having the staff cradle me, committing myself to my work, completing extra assignments to bring up my grade I wasn?t aware what I was going to do for the next step. In high school is a kind of worry free environment because the teachers and staff have everything under control. Once I completed high school and entered my way to college everything constantly changed around me in an instant. For instance your parents become less worry some because this is the first step of life and you have to do many things they have done for you on your own. Next, the professors hold you responsible for all your assignments, attendance and preparation utilities such as books, pencils, binders etc. Yet, high school things are free of charge because tax payers money pay for public education of students while college it depends if you are eligible for government expenses to help pay for college. ...read more.


I could only think in my mind she was so young, great, and full of life and she was taken from us so quickly. Once the principal came on the intercom and told us where her funeral would be held I decided I would pay my respects to her as well her family. When my sister and I arrived at the funeral home we spotted many of our fellow class mates we all walked in together. Our hearts sank because of the loss of a person who loved her students as well teaching as well being around ?her children ?she called us. When we saw her body in the casket and this being my first funeral I immediately cried because the memories of her flooded my mind and would not go away. Nonetheless the person I saw in the casket did not look like the person I saw when she was alive. Later on during the funeral many of the staff and the principal came to pay their respects. The first thing I recognized as a child experiencing this first death experience was that many of the people mostly men did not really show emotion but yet I thought maybe they were hiding their pain or it would come out later. ...read more.


College is a different scenario you really have to get down to business to get what you want to out of an education. Coping with the transitioning of education is difficult because now you balance your personal life with your school life which is stressful and exhausting but it comes to show you are willing to do it for yourself and. However death of a friend or loved one is the most difficult life situation to cope with because you have to live your life without that person. Many people who go through extreme tragedies like death do not really overcome it t they just set aside their pain for their loved ones. Like myself I gave myself time to mourn loss of my loved one no matter had long it took and accepted that she was in a place better than place where there was suffering. These events affected my personal life by challenging me many areas such as adulthood because there are many things you have to accomplish on your independently without the help of parents. Nonetheless gave me a chance to know that there are events in the world that affect us everyday such as death that we cannot control but we can grieve as much as we can accept that they made an impact on our lives and they will not be forgotten. ...read more.

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