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Lifeless - creative writing

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Lifeless "Come on, you've been in the bathroom for nearly an hour. I thought you were a boy, not a girl," I screamed at Nathan. It got to about an hour and a half when I stared to really worry. I called for mum and dad, "Mum, dad he's been in the bathroom for nearly an hour and a half, I'm starting to worry." Dad decided to knock the door down, when he did we found Nathan sitting on the toilet seat, with a bottle of sleeping pills by his foot. "Nath, Nath! Kelly ring for an ambulance I think he's taken an overdose! Hurry!" mum shouted to me, in tying in vain to wake my brother's lifeless body. "Hello the ambulance service, how may I help you?" said the operator on the other side. "Yeah, um it's my brother; I think he's taken an overdose!" I shouted down the telephone line. "OK. Can I have your address please?" The women on the other side asked me. "It's 26, Primrose Avenue, Birmingham. What do I do?" I asked her. "Go and get the bottle and tell me how many tablets are left in there also how many it says there should be in it," I ran to the bathroom, stumbling as I did, "Mum pass me the bottle, quick. Hello, right there's only 3 left in the bottle and it says there should be 16," I told the operator, holding back the tears as I knew if I stated to cry, mum would follow. ...read more.


"How is he?" I asked the doctor, who was monitoring Nathan's progress, "I think it would be best to call your parents in," replied the tall, brown haired, middle aged male doctor. "As you already know your son has taken a massive overdose of sleeping pills and paracetamol tablets," "Paracetamol I thought he only took sleeping pills?" interrupted mum. "Yes, but we discovered a packet of empty paracetamal tablets in his pocket. At the moment Nathan is on a life support machine, we've attempted letting him breathe on his own, but he has failed to respond. So basically we consider the chances of Nathan regaining consciousness have all but gone." Mum burst into tears, she couldn't quite comprehend what the doctor was saying. "You've got to do something; you can't just let my son die. Why are you giving up all hope? My Nathan, he's a fighter I know that he's going to pull through. He wouldn't do this to me, to us." Shouted mum, now in uncontrollable tears. I went to comfort her but she just ran to Nathan's side. I followed her in; she was sitting on Nathan's hospital bed talking to him, still crying. "Son, it's me, mum. The doctors have said that you're not going to make it, but I know my son, you've always been a fighter, right from when you were a little toddler. ...read more.


When they came round mom handed over the suicide note. When they started to ask us questions, dad came in; looking concerned he had seen the police car parked outside the house. "What's going on, has something happened?" The police explained everything to dad who was as stunned as the rest of us. The police said that they had to call for a team to come in and examine Nathan's room for evidence. Nathan hadn't been buried yet so they examined his body as well, like he was some sought of laboratory rat. After about a week, we had a knock on the door, it was the police. They said that they had found some DNA on Nathan's body and clothes; they told us that it matched the DNA on a man who lived in the area. They were going to search the man's house for any other evidence they could find to back up what Nathan had written in his letter. * A few weeks had passed and they had arrested a man on suspicion of doing this to Nathan. They eventually convicted the man as they found pictures of Nathan and child pornography on his computer. Finally after weeks of waiting we could lay Nathan's body to rest, knowing that the man was locked up in prison. After everybody had left the churchyard, I stayed behind to say goodbye to Nathan. "You know I'll always love you, I just hope that you're looking down on me and saying the same thing. Bye bro." ...read more.

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