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Lighten Up! Lets Light Up!

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Lighten Up! Let's Light Up! Every year 106,000 people in the UK are dying with cancer caused by smoking. You certainly wouldn't want to be one of those unfortunate people, but if you're a smoker you are probably thinking, "That would never happen to me..." until one day it does... Research shows that since the smoking ban in England the number of people being diagnosed with illnesses such cancer, lung disease and heart disease has decreased. World Health Organisation figures show that the smoking ban covering places of work and indoor public spaces has been very effective and they are now recommending that other nations do the same. This just goes to prove that it's not too late to solve the problem. This is why I strongly support the smoking ban and the government's efforts to extend the ban to outdoor public spaces. ...read more.


But they seem to forget that if they remain 'smoke-free' they are taking care of their future by doing so. Very few people know that the damaged that has been done to your lungs can be partially reversed. The risk of a heart attack falls to half of that of a smoker after just a one year. And... the risk of lung cancer falls to half of that of a smoker after just 10 years! This is an encouraging statistic and shows that smokers still have a chance... to live well into their old age... Would you like to see your child or younger relative die long before you because of preventable damage done by smoking? Do you know how dangerous passive smoking is? Do you even know what passive smoking is? One in ten people don't! If you are one of them, then passive smoking is whenever you are in the vicinity of a lit cigarette, and are inhaling some of the smoke. ...read more.


My last point is that cigarettes contain poison, literally! According to data released in1999, many major tobacco manufacturers in the UK add Strychnine and Cyanide to every little cancer stick... Sounds more like Agatha Christie than Little Britain! Cyanide is not only used by murderers, but by pest controllers to destroy rats... Ammonia, also contained in cigarette smoke is one of the ingredients of Mr Muscle, FLASH liquid, etc, used to clean toilets. Another shocking composite of cigarette smoke is Carbon Monoxide, which is a toxic gas released from car exhausts. These are only some of the 2,000 ingredients in each and every cigarette, and people wonder why they're bad for you!! To conclude, I feel that smoking in a bad habit, and that smoking should be banned everywhere. Even though 1/3 of the worldwide male population smoke, I strongly believe that bigger and better campaigns can reduce this number. Keep remembering - every drag of smoke shortens your life by 30 seconds (FACT) and half of all smokers will die from a disease caused by smoking!!! ...read more.

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