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Like mother Like daughter.

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"Like mother, like daughter." Coursework. By Georgia Burne. Wuthering Heights is a novel with certainly interesting and engaging characters. Each character has a similarity to another, which helps bring the book together. The book is placed in Northern England on the moors of Yorkshire, it is an isolated place and the people that live there know only themselves. There are two main households in which the story takes place: Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. They are complete opposites. Emily Bronte uses parallelism often in the book, for the characters and the story line. A lot of the story line in the first half seems to repeat or at least corresponds to the events in the second half. The second generation also correspond to the first in many ways. Some may even say that a few are duplicates of one another. I do not think however; that this is the case for Cathy Earnshaw and her daughter Catherine Linton. Although they may look similar and have certain aspects of similarity Catherine is not a duplicate of Cathy. The pair differ in many ways when it comes to family life and the environment in which they grew up in. Catherine Linton loves her father and he seems to be the single most important person in her life. This might have been because she had no siblings like her mother had. She wished that she had had just one. ...read more.


Cathy Earnshaw's life started very different to her daughters unlike Catherine, Cathy's father did not love her. "Nay Cathy, I cannot love thee; thou'rt worse than thy brother. Go say thy prayers, child and ask God's pardon. I doubt thy mother and I must rue the day we ever reared thee." This must have hit Cathy hard about the meaning of love; Heathcliff seemed to be the only one who did in her childhood. Cathy would constantly misbehave and seemed only happy when she was being punished or scolded. "She was never so happy as when we were all scolding her, at the same time she defying us with her bold, saucy look, and her ready words." Cathy's father was a strict harsh man, and her mother Mrs Earnshaw was a rich a snobbish woman; which obviously impacted on Cathy's beliefs and upbringing. Unlike her daughter, Cathy never seemed to want to control or hide her anger "She never had power to conceal her passion it always set her whole complexion in a blaze." Cathy was conceited all through her childhood, and this could have been the lead to her immaturity in later life. Cathy's personality is probably in my opinion is what makes her character such an important and considerable part in the book. She is known to be arrogant, bold, defiant and wilful yet, had the "bonniest eye, and the sweetest smile." ...read more.


This shows her high pride and ego which resulted in her not marring for love but money and goods. In comparison Catherine was forced into marring Linton, with which she wanted a sister-brother bond with. This marriage was forced upon them due to Heathcliff's greed for money and power, just like his love Catherine. Catherine unlike her mother wanted to marry for love; this is obvious when she falls in love with Hareton, uncannily like Heathcliff. This is when the girls similarities shine through, they both fall in love with degrading men and both treat them badly although in reverse. Cathy and Heathcliff treat each other as equals but soon Cathy abandons him for money and power, where as her daughter leaves money and power to follow her heart. This proves my point that maybe Catherine is the innocent and angelic Cathy. You can see this in her appearance, they are said to be identical apart from the Catherine's blue eyes and blonde hair compared to Cathy's dark hair and dark side, the more mischievous and evil side? "...sinking sun behind, the mild glory of a rising moon in front; one fading, and the other brightening, as I quitted the park, and climbed the stony by-road branching off to Mr Heathcliff's dwelling." I see this extract as the proof of Catherine being the innocent Cathy. It's implying that as the fiery sun dies e.g. Cathy and the mild moon rises (Catherine). The moon is the calm and tranquil source of light instead of the bright and abusive ball of fire. ...read more.

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