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Lit. As communiation - Reflective Entry

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Literature as Communication Assignment #1: Response Essay Danielle Mair Student #: Question: Explain how Krebs war experiences are present throughout the story. Ernest Hemingway's Story Soldier's Home is a story that depicts the life of a soldier after coming home from the war. While reading the story you find that there are two distinctive narrators; the first is objective and tells the story with explicit honesty because this "voice" is not acknowledged by Harold Krebs consciousness. Krebs is in fact the protagonist narrator. "There is a picture which shows him on the Rhine with two German girls."(Hemingway) This narrator is simply giving you the facts, without tainting this knowledge with personal feelings and emotions. While the other is a voice that comes through Krebs consciousness."You don't need a girl unless you thought about them. ...read more.


He is lost time so to speak, simply taking a routine of staying up late, sleeping in and practicing his musical instrument. A place where only he knows of because there is nothing that he's connected to in his town anymore; Krebs changed but he sees' his town as being the same. His justification for this is that his father parks his car in the exact same spot, the car hasn't changed. "Now after the war it was still the same car."(Hemingway) The office in which his father works in is still on the second floor inside the National Bank building. Harold Krebs states that girls or women are too complicated for his liking. "Now he would have liked a girl if she had come to him and not wanted to talk. ...read more.


Krebs wants to talk but there is no one to listen. Fellow soldiers and towns people are not interested in his stories; his lies have to do with his inward battle with himself. You see this very blatantly when he tells his mother he does not love her. His mother, not being able to relate to Harold's experiences does not understand the horror her son had witnessed has forever changed him. He is not able to love because he's not within a stable capacity to do so. Krebs war experiences are present throughout the story because each aspect of his life is intertwined. Each interaction, conversation and thought is related to the war. The way he thinks and acts are the way in which his consciousness is directing him. The objective narrator has no bias but Krebs relates every emotion and situation to the war time. The war is prevalent throughout the story because his consciousness is the second narrator. ...read more.

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