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Literature Coursework: A View from a Bridge

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Literature Coursework Eddie Carbone is a working class Longshoreman who lives in Red Hook Brooklyn and is a bitter man. Eddie is the focal point, everything rests on Eddie's reaction to events. At first this is relatively minor, for example will he or wont he allow Catherine (Eddie and Beatrice's niece) to take the job at the plumbing company? This soon becomes critical, will he or won't he understand that he cannot keep Catherine to him self, he must allow her to live her own life. Eddie is the centre around which all the conflict in the play revolves around. He takes care of his wife Beatrice and looks after a girl called Catherine who's father died when she was younger. Eddie lusts for Catherine but manages to keep his feelings suppressed and turns it into hate towards Beatrice's cousins Marco and Rodolpho which makes him act irrationally. This ends up making Eddie loose his good name. Eddie felt that Revenging against Marco will regain his pride and good name in the community. There are a lot of moments through out the play where the audience is given clues that Eddie's love for Catherine wasn't normal. ...read more.


While doing so Eddie sees an attraction between Catherine and Rodlulfo, one of Beatrice's cousins, Eddie grows jealous of him when he sees the impression he makes on Catherine. "He looks at [Catherine] like a lost boy". He starts looking for the down sides to him in his opinions, for example that he makes dresses, he sings and he cooks. Eddie now treats Rodulfo as a wimp and less of a man. He shout at him for singing because he and Catherine are getting close, then figures he's a push over. Eddie feels that he is always right and he must be obeyed and respected. Eddie is also disturbed, he want Catherine for himself and because of that he gives Rodolfo a hard time even though he already has a wife of his own. Eddie found that there wasn't any way to stop Catherine from seeing Rodulfo or marrying him, so he tried making people think that Rodulfo's motive is to marry Catherine to get his citizens-ship, to have the right by law to stay in America. ...read more.


In the end, he loses everything, Catherine, his wife and his name but ironically his death restores some of his lost honour because he does not try to escape his fate Alfieri rounds off the play by reminding us that Eddie's death was useless and that he loved him, but that he mourns him with "a certain... alarm". He thinks that even though he could predict what was going to happen, even he a lawyer couldn't do anything to stop it. Tone is used in the play and it usually depends on if Eddie is in a good mood. For example, when Beatrice's cousins arrive and the stage directions tell us that he is 'laughing', the tone is light. If Eddie is in a bad mood, for example, the same night 'his face puffed with trouble' there is tension. Dramatic Irony is used in the play in the form of unlucky timing, when Eddie calls the immigration after his meeting with Alfieri on the same day that Catherine says that she's going to marry Rodolpho soon because she is scared of him getting caught by immigration, at the same time Marco and Rodulpho move out of the apartment causing other immigrants to be picked up instead. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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