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Little boy crying

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Little Boy Crying The "Little Boy Crying" is a poem written by Mervyn Morris, which is a poem that shows up the theme of "How the father treated the little boy". Little Boy Crying is about a father treating badly the little boy because of his behavior, but sometimes his father also cry when his son cry when he hit him. In stanza 1, line 1 "Your mouth contorting in brief spite and" this means that the mouth of the little boy was twisting hardly. In the whole stanza 1 "Hurt, your laughter metamorphosed into howls, your frame so recently relaxed now tight with three-year-old frustration, your bright eyes swimming tears, splashing your bare feet, you stand there angling for a moment's hint of guilt or sorrow for the quick slap struck" with this, it means that the father was hurt by the child with what he said to him, so it is why the father treat his son so bad that make him cry aloud in the house. In addition, in stanza 2, line 8 "The ogre towers above you, that grim giant", with this, it means that the father was the third person like a giant people that is hitting a little boy because of what he do to adults. ...read more.


In addition, another implied that has taken place in the poem is in line 12, "Chopping clean the tree he's scrambling down" this implied us that someone is cutting things down, which lead us to know that the father is hitting the little boy hardly. Furthermore, the implied in line 15 "the hurt your easy tears can scald him with" this implied the reader that as the father hits the little boy, he can feels how the little boy is hurt about what his father has done to him. Also other implied in the poem is in line 16, "Nor guess the wavering hidden behind that mask" this implied us that the little boy can not guess what is inside the father's body which is implied with the word "mask". Moreover, the last implied that I can found is in line 20, "You must not make a plaything of the rain" this implied us that the father is teaching the little boy how to be an honest, responsible person. The style in this poem is that there is not any rhyme; it has a constant rhythm in every stanza. ...read more.


means that the life of a child is been treated badly by the father, teachers or leaders from where they work or study. On the other hand, it reflects how the children are been treated, especially when they are little boys of 3 years old and how his life is converted after punishments from parents, teachers and other people. In conclusion, I think that this poem is a very successful poem because when the poet was writing the poem was picturing or imagine how the fathers treated the little boy because of the attitude of the boy towards the father and how the father is angry about it. I feel that this poem is a very interesting, serious and sad poem because it talks about the life of a little boy been treated badly and not having any love by his parents and other people. This poem is a very depressing because it has an exact point of everything but it does not have any point which talks about the feelings of the parents towards the little boy when he cries or does anything else, so that this implied to the reader that there are not any love and conversation between parents and children (son). ...read more.

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