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Little did I realize that this wonderful, sunny morning was the beginning of my worst nightmare. It was at that time of the year when wanderlust reared its head.

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I woke up in my nice cozy bed at about seven in the morning with a tingly feeling of excitement passing through my veins. I got up and looked outside my window, astounded at the colour of the sunrise sending rays of light bouncing of my gleaming boat and hitting me in the eyes, knocking me back almost blinding me. Little did I realize that this wonderful, sunny morning was the beginning of my worst nightmare. It was at that time of the year when wanderlust reared its head. I would usually go out to sea traveling the far-flung reaches of the earth, finding hidden backwater twisting into what I like to think was uncharted territory alone in my Kawasaki boat. This was not just any old boat, this was a hybrid, a unique invention that my dad had given me a few years back, just before his death. On the first floor, is the kitchen and lounge area. There is a swimming pool on the top deck, as well as a heated Jacuzzi and a sauna. It also has an elevator planted in the center of the boat which can take you to all of the 3 floors as it is very convenient seeing as my boat is such a large a vessel. The ocean called to me as though holding a conch to its lips. I made my way over to the wardrobe and pulled out my favourite set of clothes, as well as my suitcase. ...read more.


And with the amount of sharks that have been known to be lurking in this part of the sea, I was frightened. I had never encountered a shark before in my life and I did not want this time to be the first. Clashing with the water, with such force must have knocked me. I regained consciousness and had no clue at all where I was, it took me a couple of seconds to remember fully what had happened. I was lucky to be alive. I had to try make it back safe onto the boat. I kept swimming and swimming for my life, I just didn't really seem to be getting anywhere. I was starting to run out of breath. I seemed to have been swimming for hours. I was sinking. I started to feel the pain inside my lungs, as though they were swelling up and about to explode. There was just no energy left inside me. I made one last lunge towards the surface, coughing and spluttering. I then woke up, shaking with fear, almost jumping out of my bed with fright. The first thing that came into my mind was what had this dream to do with anything. I don't usually have unrelated dreams. I wondered if it was a sign of some sort. I got up and went up a deck and realized that the boat was motionless. ...read more.


As he came within a couple of feet from me with the shark about 10 feet behind him I held out my hand and told him to grab on. Suddenly the shark disappeared. Finally it came down to the last foot or so. His fingertips were now touching mine. I pulled with all my strength to raise him out of the water. I saw something that caught my eye in the water below, it was the shark. It shot out of the water sending the man flying into it's mouth about 5 feet in the air. There was no way he could have possibly survived that collision. I lost sight of the shark, it must have gone under again. I pulled on my trousers yet again. I looked up and there was the shark heading my way after me this time. It neared and neared whilst I was pulling on my trousers until it came within about 5 feet from me. Finally my trousers came loose. I jumped up as fast as I could and escaped away from the shark at the last second. I made it on board. I searched for the man on the top deck, but he was nowhere insight. The water had calmed down from what it had been. But it was now blood red. I knew that this was from the man and that there was no possible way of him still being alive. I drove the boat all the way back to the coastguard headquarters and explained all that had happened The end. ...read more.

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