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Live like a dog

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Live like a dog, Alone. Written ByFay Weldon 1)The story begins in a conversation between a cab driver and his customer, who is a woman named Miriam. The cab driver is an immigrant from Kosovo and he is non-stop speaking about his lonely life where he is living "like a dog, alone". Miriam comes directly from the conference hall - she is keynote speaker where she is talking about stress. Ironically has she problems with his heart because of stress. The cabdriver has lot of complaining about his life, and Miriam soon realizes that there isn't so far from his life to her, because she is also living alone. ...read more.


(147) 2) Miriam is the main character in this story, "live like a dog, alone". She's fifty-five years old, and a businesswoman. She owns her own nursing agency, and it is therefore she can afford to life in a big expensive house. After her divorce hasn't she that much money, because she is paying alimony to her former husband. Miriam looks younger than she is, and she is trying to keep up on her good looking. Among other things has she got a facelift. Miriam is a "hard-working-woman" and because of that has she got a few heartattacks. ...read more.


In the west is a dog a pet, and a part of the family. It lives indoor and we take care of them. Its total different in Kosovo(Balkan). Here is the dog not a pet, but instead a watchdog. It doesn't live indoor with the people, but instead is the animal placed in a chain outside the house. A dog in this area of the world doesn't get any kind of love - it just something you want to protect yourself with. Miriam can't understand what the driver means, when he compares his life with a dog. Because in his "world" is the dog disgusting, dirty, have no rights and just life the whole live alone. And that is the completely opposite of ...read more.

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