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Lives like Ours

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Lives like Ours December 1952 My daughter looked so beautiful as she sat beside my mother; her tumbling curls cascading over her petite shoulders. Regularly I found my self pausing, oblivious to anything else in the world, to stare in fascination at her. It seemed natural to me that a mother should love her daughter, as I loved mine and as my mother had loved hers. At the age of three she had already developed a shocking resemblance to the woman sat opposite and beside her; an angular jaw, a straight but soft nose and a cute heart shape face. She also resembled my mother and me in other ways, like how she preferred strawberry ice-cream to vanilla and loved the smell of peppermint. However my daughter also resembled her other half, a half I force myself to ignore. We were sat in my favorite restaurant of all time, Jazzies. A small knockout, its entrance found down one of the duskiest alleys in the whole of New York. From the outside the building appeared to be the last place a mother would want to take her three year old child, but once you stepped through the pokey corridor you would find a room filled with the best music in town. ...read more.


As a young child I had loved the Lord with all my heart, he gave us hope when our lives started to get tough, but one incident that December left me doubting whether he loved me as I loved Him. I was in my last year elementary school when my mother came and rushed me out of the classroom; her face frantic and her frizzy hair flying all over the place. There was only time for her to hurriedly utter "family emergency" to my teacher before she had scooped me up in her arms and ran out of the room. In the car she told me that my Grandma was in hospital, all my mother had heard was that she was in a very critical condition. There was very little I remember about that car journey. My mother had told me to pray, so I did. For the entire 45 minute journey I , little Ruby Haney, sat with my elbows pressing painfully into my knees, praying for a miracle that would keep my Grandmother alive. But when I arrived at the hospital with my mother, Mrs. ...read more.


At this Ma laughed "There's a piano in the auditioning room, you don't need to bring your own!". "Oh" I said, starting to feel stupid. "Why didn't you tell me that in the first place?" "I thought you knew" "Mandy Haney?" a voice said at the door. "Do us proud sweetheart". Ma said kissing me on the forehead. On wobbly legs I walked through the door and into the auditioning room, however to my surprise it was not a room at all, but a huge stage with a sea of red seats, sitting on the front row of these were 5 judges all holding clipboards. "Hi, I'm Mandy and I'm 11 years old. I'm here to perform Jazz piano and accompanied singing." I said surprised at my own confidence. "Please begin Mandy" said one of the male judges. "Ok" I replied, heading for the beautiful grand piano. I sat on the stool and traced the keys with my fingers, they were part of the most beautiful thing I think I had ever seen in my entire life. Casting a wary look at the judges I closed my eyes for a second, and then I began to play. After four bars of intro I started to sing, filling the whole theatre with my voice and Jazz piano, what I'd grown up to love. ...read more.

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