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Local Descriptions

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Local Descriptions of Local Places (Longer Writing Task) Warrington. Progressively growing on the map, a civilised community continually taking in new members of our social community as this large town fights for city status. Fortunately for those busy estate agents, recently built up areas with modern houses have being duefully finished, but still preserving historical places and monuments such as the Golden gates and Oliver Cromwell's safe house for all you historical folk. A combination of the countries largest indoor market, town shops and a large new indoor shopping complex in the Golden Square makes this the ideal location to start a family and quiet life. The woodland is continuously preserved with Sankey Valley Park for the environmentalists among you, housing all kind of creatures of nature and let many areas fall under the influence of nature to give our community a greener environment. With a motorway splitting the two regions of Warrington and leading to both the illustrious Manchester and Liverpool making this also an incredible location for travelling workmen who have jobs situated here, commuting has never been easier. ...read more.


For all you lovely ladies there are a state of the art shopping centre consisting of New Look, Debenhams and a lingerie store. Once more, for any of the more adventurous looking for wider landscapes, there are regular bus routes connecting us to the rest of the North West regions. For film fanatics or a romantic couple, there are two cinemas for you to enjoy a film or your first date. Like many of us here we are very open and this review is no different. For the youngsters enjoying the most famous sport of all, football there are loads of teams to choose from, even though at senior level we specialise in rugby, with the Wolves in the top league division for those looking for banter and a fun night out. A successful connection point joining the big cities allowing people to add to previously established friend groups with the hundreds of men and women that join the Warrington society every year. ...read more.


Despite this, Warrington, during the day still has a loving community which everyone aims to be a part of. In my opinion, the relocation of your family or yourself to Warrington completely depends on your career and lifestyle choice. This town is too large for large firms but you could still settle here and commute to work in the larger cities surrounding Warrington. A strong communal atmosphere provides a safe and well protected environment for any vulnerable children or adults coming to the newly extended Warrington. Our rugby team, Warrington Wolves, could be argued as one of the best league sides in the world, so to be respected as a Warringtonian is a huge privilege. Tragic events, such as the bombings in our town centre, killing two innocent boys, brought our town closer together in unison and discrimination or abuse of any kind is irregular and anybody, of any shape or size can be trusted and respected in our community. Please, for any reason at all, give Warrington a chance to steal your heart, as it has to the 200,000+ before. What an on going community. You can be part of it... ...read more.

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