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Local Hero.

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Local Hero It was a normal weekday morning for Greg. He was a scruffy chap, his hair was everywhere, he had a very pale face as if he was ill and he had a dress sense of a 1960's hippie. He didn't have many friends he only had the odd two or three. He was a lonely individual because he found it hard to make friends after his parents had died in a tragic car accident; in the early years of his life. Then he was shipped of to a boarding school near his local town, since he did not have any other family to live with. Furthermore at his boarding school he was bullied and ever since has found it awkward to make friends. Greg was getting ready for work; he did his usual routine in the morning. Having a wash, having his breakfast and getting dressed for his part-time security job at his local supermarket. He walked out of the house, shut the door behind him and locked the front door. He sat in his old shabby looking car. Greg had had this car since the day he had learnt to drive, which was roughly seven years ago. He calmly drove to work thinking about what he was going to do today. ...read more.


But something just; did not seem right to him. He was thinking to himself, had locked the front door or had turned the television off, left his mobile phone in the car. He just stopped himself from thinking and just looked around him and listened. He noticed that no one was walking in or out. He went to look outside but the doors would not open. He remembered opening them. Suddenly he heard a scream from behind him and a gun shot. Greg thought to himself what he should do. He went to grab his phone from the pouch on his belt, but it wasn't there. He remembered that he had left it in his locker. He remembered all of the defence classes that he took to become a security. He thought to himself that this is his moment to shine. He cautiously peeped round the corner to see what was happening. There was a bloke holding a gun to a cashiers head shouting at her. "Give me the money or do you want a bullet in your head!" Greg couldn't make out the face of the robber; he had a balaclava covering his head. He was a rough bloke. His voice said it all; in a low voice he meant business. ...read more.


"Can I have the police round to the main Tesco supermarket on Broadway Road? It's an emergency there has been an armed robbery, the robber is unconscious, and so we might need an ambulance. Hurry?" "They'll be there as quick as they can, just keep the robber under control, make sure that he can't harm anyone." Said the emergency operator. "O.k. will do." "Bye then" "Thanks for your help." The next day on Saturday he woke up and went to the newsagents down the road. He crouched down to the local newspaper. He paid for it and looked at the front page. On it, it read 'Local Hero Greg McKenzie'. This was too much for him to take in at once, so went to the pub over the road. He walked through the front door, he strolled to the bar. "Well done, how did you take a bloke of that size?" Then another from behind him said "Yeh how did you do it?". Everyone was listening to his story in the pub. He was just about to leave, when five blokes came up to him. "Hey mate! Would you like to come to the Arsenal verse's Manchester United with us?" "Yeh, I'd love to you, sure" "Yeh you seem to be an alright guy, why have you never spoken to us before." "I dun no." "Great then we'll pick you up then at about seven O'clock tonight, alright. We'll be off then, see ya mate." "Brill!" James Sztejka 10on ...read more.

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