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Lohan stomped his way into his trailer apartment after a grueling surfing experience in the foamy waters of the Caribbean Sea

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+ SHADOWS Lohan stomped his way into his trailer apartment after a grueling surfing experience in the foamy waters of the Caribbean Sea. With his flashing blonde highlights and dazzling emerald eyes, Lohan Yassen was a teenager?s heart throb and the most popular comedian all across the US. As he barged open into his door, a croaking noise of rusting hinges filled his ears. A frog.... He seriously had to report this. The blonde youth hated those slimy creatures and to think that it was in his room, made him sick. He threw his sunglasses on the bed and strode into the kitchen. Gulping a soda, he peered around. Something seemed out of place. Forgetting that he, he slumped on his bean bag in the terrace. Sunshine fell on the white washed Italian tiles and that made drew a curve on his face as he remembered a silly joke he had once cracked about sunshine. ...read more.


players had been stuck on his wardrobe and the walls as well. Bags of chips lay on the floor and his bed sheets had been dumped in front the mirror. Now.......... They were all gone. The posters stashed, the bottles and bags of chips had disappeared, the books neatly arranged on a shelf, the sheets clean folded, newspapers and magazines on a stand and CDs and DVDs now stood out on a rack near his laptop. He frowned incredulously. A clean room and an intruder. Something new to Lohan?s life. He whirled around only to find his assailant do the same. He did that almost thrice but the maniac was deft and predicted each and every turn of his. Desperate, Lohan got fed up as he felt dizzy, he tried something else. He went to his bed. When he bent to search under the bed, the shadow crept onto the bed, when he searched near the bed?s foot, it was near the head. ...read more.


At last a brilliant idea struck him. He bent down, sticking his head between his legs. The trick worked. The figure that had outsmarted him so far seemed overworked and repeated what Lohan did. ?Caught ya!? he screamt and burst into a flurry of laughter. ?Wondering why I didn?t kill you, buddy?? Jim Hart called out. Lohan squeezed his dark haired intruder and both fell into a fit of backslapping and laughter. 18 yr old Jim Hart was Lohan?s best friend as well his producer. ?So you were the phantom?! No wonder, karate champ!? Lohan cried out. ?Boy, you?re room was pathetic. I thought about it having a cleanup. And I suppose you here seriously need one too. Off you go to the shower!? Jim grinned, his striking blue eyes twinkling. They both fell into a fury of laughter as Lohan grabbed his towel and headed for the shower. ?Aye, aye, cap?n!? Lohan smiled and did a hats off gimmick to his friend. The End ...read more.

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