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London fete and composed upon Westminster Bridge. I am going to be comparing two poems in this essay the first poem is London fete which was

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Emily baker A London fete and composed upon Westminster Bridge. I am going to be comparing two poems in this essay the first poem is London fete which was written by a man called Coventry Patmore this poem is about a hanging that took place and about the effect it had on other people who watched. The second poem is composed upon Westminster bridge by William words worth which is about a man who is standing on a bridge describing the view he sees and how he feels looking at this view. The theme to composed upon Westminster Bridge is firstly about nature and beauty and peace. It describes his view of London to be beautiful and how he feels so calm and relaxed from looking at the view. It's not an angry poem it's sensuous. A London fete is about violence and death. It has an unhappy theme as it is about a man getting hanged and how viewers are enjoying and getting adrenalin from watching this .the theme is really death and the poem is full of violence. It isn't relaxing at all as it is a negative mood. The mood in this poem is negative and dull; it shows sad and violent images which puts the mood in this poem bad. For example the poem says "thousands of eyeballs, lit with hell" which creates a bad mood as it saying people are watching and waiting with evil eyes which isn't a calm atmosphere. ...read more.


At the end of the poem it finishes the story with how little children who watched this murder were influenced by it and started killing other things as at the end of the poem it says " two children caught and hanged a cat" which shows the affect from watching the hanging filled them with anger and violence. Westminster bridge is a descriptive poem know this because in the poem he describes things such as "this city now doth, like a garment" which is him describing beauty as wealth, and also "and to the sky, all bright and glittering in the smokeless air" which is him describing how the sky is clean and unpolluted. The poet describes about each one to make the poem sensuous and to show bow beautiful this view he is looking at is. The styles of these two poems describes some of the 5 senses For example in Westminster bridge it says "a sight so touching in its majesty" which is him describing the view from his eyes. In a London fete Coventry pat more uses techniques such as metaphors. The poem says "others enjoyed his wicked treat" which is him using his imagination to make the poem more interesting. The poet of composed upon Westminster bridge also uses techniques such as similes. ...read more.


My evidence for this is "they bought the man out to be hanged" and it sounds more like a story line Westminster Bridge is written in 1st person. It shows that it's personal to the poet because it shows his feelings and thoughts on what he sees. For example "ne'er saw, ne'er felt a calm so deep" this shows how the poet feels and it's his view point from himself. In a London fete the poem seems to describe how he feels on hangings. He objects to the event and the effect on those who watch. It seems to be that he's trying to show the cruelty to hangings but not just to the person who was killed. For example "two children caught and hanged a cat" which shows that he's watching someone being killed has made animals victims too. This is a good technique because it makes people emphasise the animal cruelty and disagree with hangings. In composed upon Westminster Bridge, by the way the poet uses calm and peaceful words it makes you feel relaxed and in a cheerful mood. The poet seems to want us to be more grateful to god as the poem says "dear god the very houses seem asleep" and it seems he's being thankful and wants readers to be too. Both these poems are good poems because they involve feelings and thoughts and I think that the poets put a lot of thought into writing them. ...read more.

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