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London Knights - Situation analysis.

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London Knights Situation analysis Target audience Objective Tactics Positioning statement PR Advertising Sales promotion Direct marketing New media Methodology In order to find out an in depth information about the London Knights so I've decided to carry out a secondary and primary research. I used the Internet as part of my secondary research. The Internet was very important because I've got a lot of competitors' corporate information, which I can present in this report and they were very relevant. I also used the London Knights web site (www.london-knights.co.uk) to find more data about the Knights. Google was the search engine that I used to find any information about Ice Hockey. The competitors' websites that I used were (www.sheffieldsteelers.co.uk, www.belfastgaints.com). The advertising website called ADASSOC (www.adassoc.org.uk) was also very relevant because it shows a lot of advertising methods in details and I found some facts and figures where it helped me to judge how the Knights can use for their advertising strategy. To find out what the existing spectators think about the Knights, I carried out fact to face surveys at the matches. 700 spectators were being interviewed and the results are being used in this report. I also wanted to find out why people do not attend ice hockey so face to face was also carried out outside the matches and 50 people from Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Lewisham were being interview. Focus groups were also carried out from September to December where a group of people discussed the issues about the Knights. There were a lot of ideas were relevant. Situation analysis BACKGROUND Ice hockey is a fast contact sport. The London Knights is the only ice hockey team in London. They are owned by the Anschutz Entertainment Group and it is one of the largest private companies in the United States with headquarters in LA and in Europe. They have worldwide sporting and entertainment interests, including a number of major arenas. ...read more.


But the rink can only fit 500 spectators. If London Knights move to there, they will lose the 5000 existing customers because the rink is too small to fit all of them. The fans that concern about the London Knights had carried out a meeting on Saturday 6th June to find a solution where they can still watch London Knights matches before the Dome opens. The secondary research shows that the most popular sports that are shows on TV are football, snooker and Formula 1. Focus Group was being carried out and people mentioned about Ice hockey is often showed on channel 5 during late night hours, which is around 11pm. But other sports are being show in the busiest hours, which is 7-9pm where there are a lot of audiences who are watching the TV. A Survey was being carried out in this area and I found out that 21% of people who played football, which is the highest percentage out of all of the sports. Also it is the popular sports that most people watch at 13% which is also the highest percentage. Target Audience The segment that I'll target is 16 to 24 years old Asian female and male within the East London area because there is a large number of residents in this area are Asian, people aged 16-24 years old can easily influence their friends with what they are doing or saying. The survey shows that 47% of people who got attracted to ice hockey from friends and it is the highest percentage out of all categories. Objectives Their aim would be to increase the number of spectators to 8,000 by August 2004. Because they have increase their spectators up to 5,500 people this season and this is the 5th year of existence. Strategy Tactics Positioning statement Positioning Statement is a summary of describing the key aspects of the product. ...read more.


the design of a website is a marketing communication function, so it is very important that the design have to be good. The Knights web site looks very professional and the site is well laid out where people can understand the site, some other business sites are very confusing where you can't see the links. London Knights website comes up the most and on the top of a search engine when you type in "ice hockey". This is an advantage where people will go to the Knights website first then the competitors. People get to know more about London Knights and their interests will increase and they would start going to the matches. Pop ups is a way of advertising on the Internet where it will catches people's eyes. London Knights can start producing a pop up at some certain sites such as Amazon, this site has got a lot of "hits" and it is a well known web site. When people see the London Knights pop ups, they will start thinking what is London Knights, if they want to know more about it, then they will click on the pop up where it will take them straight to the Knights web site. They are already using direct mail where they send the spectators special offers such as casino night and disco on certain night. They have got competitions at every match and spectators fill in the sheet where they could be entered to the draw, they have got the spectators details through the competitions. Mobile phones is a new and good way of direct marketing because everyone owns a mobile phone, even children in secondary school have got a mobile. Most 16-24 years old own a mobile phone and some of them even have more than one. From the competitions, the spectators have already given out their details such as address, name, mobile numbers and email etc. The Knights can start using mobile direct mail to communicate with their customers. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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