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London Poems.

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London Poems Wordsworth and Blake each use language in different ways to present their own view of ondon. They both reveal their feelings through their viewpoint, the way they have structured their poems and the poetic devices each of them use. Wordsworth wrote his 'On Westminster Bridge' on September 3rd 1802 as a result of him riding a stage coach over Westminster Bridge. Wordsworth's view of London from Westminster Bridge is from a fair distance away because he doesn't describe the ground level in much detail, nor does he describe people with much detail. His view of London is quite broad, "Dear God! The very houses seem asleep". Aswell as being far away, he is also situated quite high up to get this broad view that he describes. The time of day in which the poem is set is early morning. He mentions the air being smokeless, "..in the smokeless air". ...read more.


He uses similes, "The city now doth, like a garment". He is trying to make it easier for the reader to create an image in their head by saying one thing is like another. The poem also has personification included, "The river glideth at his own sweet will", "The very houses seem asleep". One other example is "The sun in his first splendour". The personification that he uses gives the pictures in your head some animation by saying that they have human characteristics. Wordsworth also uses symbolism, "And all that the mighty heart is lying still". All these methods are each in turn creating images in the reader's head. Overall, Wordsworth's poem is a more general view with a change in his point of view within the poem. Blake on the otherhand writes from a very different point of view. he form os his peom differs from Wordsworths. Blake focuses on the people in the city and they are like. Blake's view is from ground level so includes a lot more detail. ...read more.


He uses the image of a church to criticise religious establishments and a palace to signify the state, and authorities who control it. He gives the image of the "Soldier's sigh running in blood down palace-walls". Here he is attacking the monarchy and government for condemning young men to death by sending them off to fight in foreign wars. Wordsworth and Blake each have different views on London. Wordsworth shows how nice,warm and calm London can look in the early morning, proving people wrong that its not always grimy and dirty. However Blake's poem is more against London, trying to prove that it makes people miserable and that everyone feels the same way. Both these poems, in my opinion, share feelings of concern and disgust for London. If i had to pick which one I prefered I would choose the Blake poem. This is because the meaning of the words is more clearcut. I accept the point of view of Wordsworth, how it can be clean and not always dirty and horrible as some may think. ...read more.

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