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London underground Collision - personal writing

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I had a sharp instinct that something wasn't right. I sat on one of the free seats as I made my way to work. I could feel something inside me that was telling me to get off the train. I didn't know what to do so I just ignored it and got out a magazine from my handbag. However a moment later the train was hit by a collision and I was rammed to the floor by the shudder. I could hear people screaming and shouting and babies crying. I guess I was unconscious or I had blacked out. I opened my eyes and found that I was in the dark. I could feel that I was lying on the bleak and wet ground and I could feel the coldness attacking my skin all over. I reached for one of the bars that were attached to one of the train's walls and pulled myself with courage. I knew something was wrong and I had to get off the train but how was I going to find the way off the train if there wasn't any light? Then all of a sudden I saw a glimpse of light coming towards me. ...read more.


I searched or it everywhere but I couldn't find. I fell to the floor with no hope of finding the hammer and no hope of getting of the train. All of a sudden the thought rushed to me that the hammer would of obviously be kept in a vestibule of the train. I had to get to the nearest vestibule in order to get the hammer. I ran across the train and finally came to a door, which would lead me to the opposite part of the train. I tried to push open the door but it didn't open. The doors were electrical and I didn't have enough strength in me to keep on pushing and kicking it. I sat down on the floor leaning against the door thinking that was so close of getting of the train. Tears were flooding down from my eyes; I had never felt so helpless in my whole life. I couldn't lose hope just yet though I thought I had to do something. I pulled my self up and heavily walked approximately a meter away from the door and then with all the energy that I had I ran towards the carriage door with all the energy I had left in me and hoping that it would be pushed open. ...read more.


I put my head out of the window and saw that there was fire. It was only a small amount but I felt that I was living the last moments of my life. I knew I wouldn't be able to find a hammer in the dark and I couldn't bear to get stabbed by small pieces of glass in side by hands. I thought I was never going to be seeing the daylight again; I wouldn't be seeing my family. The thought of my family reminded me about the huge argument with my sister I had for burning by new jeans. I felt so bad. I looked around to see people with cuts and bruises and deep wounds. I suppose we were all going to die. I was sitting on a broken seat and couldn't help thinking about how my death would affect my family. What would they be going through? I felt like I was living the last moments of my life. It felt like hours had gone by when all of a sudden my eyes hit the sight of a metal rod underneath a shattered table. I got up and limped towards the rod sitting on the floor and snatched the rod and with all the energy I had inside me I ran to the door and smashed the glass, which came shattering down on to the floor. Vestibule ...read more.

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