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Loneliness and isolation in Of Mice and Men

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Mohammed Rameez 10:04(r)(tm) Loneliness and isolation in Of Mice and Men In Of Mice and Men many of the characters are lonely and this motivates them to look for an alternative way of life. Characters are also lonely because of something within themselves whack makes loneliness impossible to avoid. Different characters seek comfort in different things for example for Candy it is his dog and for George and Lennie it is each other. During the time in which Of Mice and Men is set (1930s) the great depression was around in America this depression bought poverty and unemployment making people more selfish by people would only think of the best way they could become rich and it didn't matter about anyone else. That's why George and Lennies situation is unique because it was rare to see two guys travelling around together. Loneliness is shown in various ways in this novel through poverty (George and Lennie), race (crooks), Gender (Curleys wife) and age (Candy). The poverty during the great depression(the time when this novel is based) has made people selfish. This is what makes George and Lennies relationship unusual for the time. Slim says to point out why this is odd 'Aint many guys travel around together...maybe the whole damn world is scared of each other'. This opinion is shared across the ranch, as George and lennie are the only two men who travel around together. ...read more.


So when George and Lennie are talking about their dream house he immediately breaks his silence and offers everything he has to offer to George to be apart of his dream. There is no other way forward for Candy he is missing a hand he's old he's not good for anything. Before the offer Candy can't see a way forward apart from living with people felling sorry him. George and Lennie offer him a chance to keep on working not too much but enough to make himself useful and feel appreciated. He straightaway gets appreciated when George is happy and realises The prospect of having their dream made into a possibility as soon as a month. This makes which a few days earlier merely looked like a dream and that it would always be like that into a real possibility. Crooks brings a different type of loneliness and isolation into the novel he is isolated by his race. Crooks is by nature proud and reserved, but he is also lonely and he decides that he can tell Lennie secrets by way of their conversation which will not then be revealed or turned against him later on. Crooks is another character like Candy whose life is isolated and unsatisfying. He clearly states that he hates it; he secretly wants to be a part of the rest of the workers he wants to make friends and have company. ...read more.


After the first time George sees Curleys wife he straightaway gathers that she is a danger to Lennie and calls her a 'bitch'. Also in the whole novel her name is not given she is referred to as Curleys wife his shows Steinbecks view of women. Like George and Lennie Curleys wife has her own dream of being an actress. Her willingness to flirt with men on the ranch and her targeting Lennie ends up getting her killed. It's her own fault that she gets killed, she brings it on herself, she picks the precise time when George is not around and Lennie is at his most vulnerable. Amongst the above main types of Loneliness and isolation there is other less significant things like Curleys isolation being the boss's son no-one talks to him. Also because of his size he has grudged against big people i.e. Lennie; he comes to regret it though. The only time he has backing from the ranch workers is when they go to find Lennie after he had killed Curleys wife. In general Loneliness and isolation plays a key role in Of Mice and Men because of it Curleys wife dies. Because of the loneliness of the characters they try and find an alternative like Curleys wife. Without the Loneliness and isolation of the characters there would be no plot, this demonstrates the importance of the Loneliness and isolation to the story. ...read more.

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