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Loneliness In Uncle Ernest and A Painful Case

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Loneliness is a feeling in which people experience a strong sense of emptiness and solitude. Loneliness is often compared to feeling empty, unwanted, and unimportant. Someone who is lonely may find it hard to form strong relationships with those of the same and opposite sex. One who is classed as lonely often fails to build bridges within society, coming across as distant and irrelevant to life itself. Loneliness isn't something, which happens by choice, but is often related to certain events happening in the sufferers' life. A Painful Case is revolved around the story of a boring, predictable banker named Mr. Duffy. Mr. Duffy follows a life of routine, works, eats in the same restaurant with the same meal, and returns home. Occasionally, Mr Duffy leaves the house to visit the theatre or concert hall. One on of these rare occasions he meets a particularly interesting woman named Mrs. Sinico. Mr Duffy bumps into Mrs. Sinico on a further three occasions, and on the third arranges to meet with her purposely. Mr Duffy begins to feel uncomfortable with the meetings as he founds out her husband, Mr Sinico was a captain of a merchant ship. Despite with feeling uncomfortable, Mr Duffy continues to meet her, always at her house. They share many interests, and I feel that Mr Duffy finally has found somebody he can relate to. They appear to get closer and closer throughout the meetings as they slowly find out they share many interests. ...read more.


This was because he looks down upon citizens of Dublin and suburbs surrounding Dublin. Mr. Duffy lives a very boring life, doing all activities alone. He entered work by the same means of transport daily, eats lunch in the same place then returns home enduring in the same activities with him occasionally visiting the opera or the concert hall. 'He had neither companions nor friends', this shows that Mr. Duffy chooses not to have any friends and prefers to be alone than associate with the others of Dublin and the suburbs as he considered them to be 'mean, modern and pretentious'. With the refusal to socialize with those around him this leaves Duffy with a very small chance of ever finding friendship. Once he does find friendship I feel that he is very inconsiderate towards others feelings. He is very inconsiderate to Mrs Sinicos feelings as he only considers his own feelings and does not allow any room for the two to talk about it; he just takes actions into his own hands. He is very selfish with this deed. I feel that he responds poorly to others other than Mrs Sinico. Even so, this relationship proves to end badly due to Mr Duffy responding badly to a spur of the moment action. This story is very different in 'Uncle Ernest' where his actions are not the cause of loneliness but large feelings of disbelieve in him. ...read more.


This shows that much of his life revolved around the war as this is where he made, had and lost many of his friends. He sits, eating alone at the caf� when two girls enter the caf� and sit at his table. He hears them arguing about affording a bus ticket and a cake and sees this as an opportunity to make friends and to talk. He engages in conversation and offers to help them on this situation. They happily allow him to spoil them and begin to meet regularly in the caf�. This makes Ernest happy, continually spoiling the girls. They manipulate Ernest into these treats, but he is incredibly na�ve and does not see this occurring, as the friendship with the girls is what makes him happy. In 'A Painful Case' Mrs Sinico is also a lonely character. She is half of a civil partnership in which her partner is always traveling and it is thought that he has a girl in every other port. Her daughter also teaches music for long periods of time often leaving her alone at home, with Mr. Duffy her first real friendship, the one preventing her from loneliness. In 'Uncle Ernest' Alma and Joan are also lonely. Their mother treats them poorly, and very neglectful. They are lonely as they only have each other, with their mother supplying with very little. Joan is shy which makes her all the lonelier, struggling to make a new group of friends. ...read more.

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