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Loneliness is a very important theme in ‘Of Mice and Men’ Which characters are lonely, and why?

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Loneliness is a very important theme in 'Of Mice and Men' Which characters are lonely, and why? The issue of 'Loneliness' is very strongly portrayed in the story of Mice and Men. It is generally a part of all the characters, however they're all lonely in different ways and for their own personal reasons. The companionship between George and Lennie is a complete contrast to the relationships between the people that are around them -the loneliness of the homeless ranch worker, the loneliness of the outcast black man, the loneliness of the subjected woman, the loneliness of the old helpless cripple. ...read more.


Thus, he will not end up an outcast and therefore, completely alone. Even after Lennie kills Curley's wife and cannot return to his life the way it was before, Candy still wants to carry out the dream. * Crooks feels "...A guys goes nuts if he ain't got nobody. Don't make no difference who the guy is, long's he with you..." He would work for nothing, as long as he could communicate with others. * Curley's wife is so overwhelmed by her loneliness, she seeks friendship from other men. She seeks out the friendship of Lennie for all of the others fear Curley and will have nothing to do with her. ...read more.


Solitaire, which means alone, is a metaphor for the loneliness of the characters in the novel, who have no one but themselves. It is also a metaphor for George's desire to be "solitaire," to be no longer burdened with Lennie's company, and his constant playing of the game foreshadows his eventual decision to become a solitary man. The friendship between Lennie and George is firmly rooted in their dream, a dream that Lennie never tires of hearing and which spares them both from the pain of solitude. an if i could change 1 thing in my life it would b this, ive lost like my best friend and it sounds like she aint guna forgive me, i just want u 2 know that i love u ...read more.

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