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Lonely Road - creative writing

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1 Lonely Road You'll Never Know Lost Forever Land CH3 5PH Dear Mom and Dad, You probably want to know the reason I ran away, I hope you'll know by the end of this letter. I hope it'll be clear enough for you. I'm doing fine but I'm not coming back. When I'm at home I feel so trapped, 1 just can't be myself. I need some time alone so I can sort myself out and my life. I knew this day would come soon. I didn't think you, or dad could change, and look, I was right. Don't worry, not that you would anyway, I'm not living on the streets. I've got a job and I share a flat with some girl I met. At the moment I don't get much to spend on myself but I'm surviving. When I'm 16 I'm going to get a better job, with more money, so I'll be a little bit better off than I am now. ...read more.


I've realized I wanted too much out of you as a mother. I mean, how dare I ask you to pay me a little bit attention?! How dare I to want you to spend some time with me? How dare I want to discuss things with you? You're only a mother to me! What more should I expect from you? You always wanted a better relationship with your mother, you've always complained she deprived you of her attention. Yet you repeat your own mother's mistakes and failed to see what you were doing to me. You were so busy with your self and things concerning you, you didn't have any spare time for me. Admit it, you just don't care about me. Sometimes I wonder why you even had me. I don't understand why you complained about grandmother, she is such a wonderful and kind person. I always knew you were jealous of our relationship, but if you took your time to get to know her you would have had a really good relationship together. ...read more.


I always wanted to get out of there as soon as I came through the door. I tried to get away from the house on any opportunity that came along, I just couldn't stand it in there. The only person that made it easier for me was grandma and you've destroyed all her things, that sure didn't make it easy for me, though it did make the decision to run away easy. She was the only one that understood and listened to me. God, how I miss her! Why did she die on me like that? What did I do wrong? I just can't take it anymore, thinking about all this hurts me too much and makes me cry and I don't want to cry anymore. I wish you were more like my grandma, then it would never have come to this. I have to end this now . I hope you have a better life without me. Bye Mum and Dad From Someone who loved you and who you lost forever. ...read more.

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