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Look again at Acts 1 and 2. Being careful to refer to specific points in the text, say what you consider to be the most powerful influence on Macbeth : the witches, his own ambition or his wife?

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Look again at Acts 1 and 2. By the end of Act 2, Macbeth has murdered not just Duncan but also two of his servants. Being careful to refer to specific points in the text, say what you consider to be the most powerful influence on Macbeth : the witches, his own ambition or his wife? In the play Macbeth I feel that it was fear that was the main motivating factor that influenced the outcome. I feel that this can be proved by the murders that followed after Duncan's. I think that these murders were committed because Macbeth was scared of being caught and having to pay for the bad things that he had already done. I feel that the majority of Macbeth's actions are mainly due to fear, not only of being caught but of the witches' prophecies, he was scared of them coming true and tried to stop them from happening. From the beginning the witches have focus on Macbeth, they desire his spiritual and immortal personality. There is one line that the witches say at the beginning which makes you wonder what might happen in the end, (act 1, sc.1,11-12) ...read more.


By the time that Lady Macbeth comes to find him, Macbeth has changed his mind: the murder will not go ahead, (act 1, sc.7, 31) "We will proceed no further in this business". Lady Macbeth is scornful of her husband. She accuses him of cowardice and lack of her love for him, (act 1, sc.7, 43) "And live a coward in thine own esteem". This is where Macbeth is feeling as if he has to do something that will make his wife change how she feels about him at this point, she is therefore influencing him a great deal. At this time one part of Macbeth wants to do it and the other doesn't, assassination is also a part of his thinking. When Macbeth begins to hesitate, Lady Macbeth explains her plan. Macbeth is impressed both by his wife's plan, and by her attitude. Lady Macbeth really tries hard to persuade Macbeth to carry out the murder. She plays her womanliness against her husband's manliness. Macbeth then begins to worry, (act 1, sc.7, 58) "If we should fail?". Lady Macbeth replies, "wind up your courage to its strongest point, (like the tight string of a cross bow)", (act 1, sc.7, 60) ...read more.


She seems to make Macbeth's decisions for him without giving him any say in his own actions and she orders her husband to do what she determines to be the best for him. It is Lady Macbeth who arranges the plan to kill Duncan, because she knows that Macbeth would never commit such an act on his own. This is clearly shown when she says to him, (act 1, sc.5,72-74) "Only look up clear; To alter favour is ever to fear, Leave all the rest to me". She intends to keep him under control by making his decisions for him, this shows how much she influences him. Lady Macbeth manages to gain power by always insulting his manliness and boasting her own aggressive manners. Whenever Macbeth begins to ignore her commands then she immediately begins to call him a coward. Macbeth announces that he has killed the guards and says that his love for Duncan drove him to do it. The killing of the servants is basically him and no influence from Lady Macbeth or the witches. I feel that Macbeth is mainly influenced by his wife, Lady Macbeth but the witches influence him a little aswell. I feel that it was his own ambition that made him kill the servants. ?? ?? ?? ?? Francesca Rotheram Macbeth Essay ...read more.

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