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Look at 'mirror' and one other poem from a woman's point of view. Compare how they present woman's views of themselves and others.

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British School of Bahrain Cameron Hill yr 10 Poetry comparison essay: Look at 'mirror' and one other poem from a woman's point of view. Compare how they present woman's views of themselves and others. In my opinion both of these poems are written effectively to show there views, they both show how they see each of their different themes through a woman's point of view. Each poem shows the future of what each poet thinks will happen to them in the future it also shows there views on how they feel about the future weather it is positive or negative. Although 'mirror' is written to show how the woman looks at her future as if 'an old woman rises towards her day after day' whereas the poet from 'warning' looks at her future as if it was a time were she can let go of all responsibility. ...read more.


I think that this is a very effective way of explaining her views and how she looks at the mirror as a source of truth. In 'warning' the poet says 'when I am an old woman I shall wear purple' this shows the reader that as a poet she feels that in her old age life will be more exciting and pleasurable, the woman refers to her clothes and what she will wear when she is older, this shows the reader that she sees her old age as a time wear she can wear what she wants, in my opinion the poet is using her clothes as a metaphor for her personal feelings, I feel that the woman thinks that when she is old people will not mind her, even if she tends to do as she follows, whereas a younger person has to follow the rules and laws of the society. ...read more.


the simile has a good effect as is makes the reader feel disgusted, in my opinion the poet feels very weak and insecure, whereas in 'warning' the tone showed in this poem is that the woman is excited about her future and is looking forward to it. Language used such as 'spit' and 'gobble' are very effective as they make the reader surprised about how the poet feels about how she will be able to act in her old age. So in my opinion both these poets have both effectively shown how they contrast each other, but they still both show their views and opinions from a woman's point of view thus making it more effective as both poems are written by woman, and they are both about appearances and how they view there futures. ...read more.

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