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Look at the Characters of Benedick and Claudio and their feelings of love towards Hero and Beatrice, respectively. Which relationship has the greater chance of success?

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Look at the Characters of Benedick and Claudioand their feelings of love towards Hero and Beatrice, respectively. Which relationship has the greater chance of success? By Bethany Edwards Maan is a tragi comedy with the main plot revolving around the love interests of the two couples, Beatrice and Benedick, Hero and Claudio. The play is set in Messina Italy and begins as the men are returning from war as victors. Love and romance are ver much in the air, given that both sexes have been deprived of each other's company for a considerable amount of time. As the play develops, we see how the 4 lovers are very different as individuals as is each of their views on love. Our first impressions of Claudio are not that of a man who takes love very seriously but one who considers it to be another hobby used to take up the time especially now he has returned from war. "But now I am returned, and that war thoughts have left their places vacant, in their rooms come thronging soft and delicate desires, all prompting me how fair you Hero is." This tells us two things about Claudio, that he has based his feelings for Hero purely upon physical attraction because he is describing how lovely she is without actually having engaged in conversation with her and that he perceives love as a hobby. ...read more.


this is because in Shakespeare's time women were meant to be seen and not heard and Beatrice's fiery personality and strong values and morals may result in public embarrassment for Benedick. Benedick repeatedly says that he does not want to get married and wishes that other men didn't spoil their lives like that. This gives us an insight into Benedick's fears, I believe he says he doesn't want to get married so in the eventuality that he doesn't find anyone who would agree to marry him he can simply refer to the fact that he never wanted to marry in the first place. Of course we are made aware that he doesn't really feel like this later on in the play when he is tricked into believing Beatrice is in love with him, when this happens his opinions change drastically. Benedick can also be quite arrogant with regards to women he is heard saying "That a women conceived me I thank her" as if to say whoever brought me into the world must have been a good person, this could prove a downfall in any relationship. So our first impressions of the two men and the relationship they strive after are that Claudio's love for Hero is based mainly upon appearance and social stature, personality is not a factor whereas Beatrice and Benedick know each other well they have had a previous relationship and they are in touch with each others personalities and have a lot in common. ...read more.


When it later turns out to be Hero he does not even apologise for what he did to her even though at this point in the play he knows that he was wrong. Deception, mistrust, false reports separate Hero and Claudio and the play almost has a tragic ending, saved only by the 'fools' in contrast to the light hearted devices of deception that bring Beatrice and Benedick together. While Beatrice and Benedick do not have a smooth affair we are confident that things will workout fine but the apparently easy affair between Hero and Claudio is riddled with worry because they don't really know each other. Claudio's change of heart towards Hero is serious whilst Benedick and Beatrice's change of hearts towards love is comical. Beatrice and Benedick have easy speech with each other. No need for affection. They speak in prose, therefore neither serious nor tragic but Hero and Claudio hardly ever converse! Hero feels 'obliged' to marry Claudio (she is just as prepared to marry Don Pedro). Their near-tragic relationship is characterised by blank verse. In conclusion I believe Beatrice and Benedick have the stronger relationship, Hero and Claudio have more to prove to people whereas I don't think Beatrice and Benedick care what people think anyway and it probably wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone as they have split up before. Benedick and Beatrice are older and more experienced in love, they know what to expect and they are realistic about their feelings. All in all Beatrice and Benedick are "To wise to woo peacefully" ...read more.

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