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Look at three chapters from "Great Expectations", discuss how Dickenscreates characters that are both memorable and striking. Make sure you refer toat least three.

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Look at three chapters from "Great Expectations", discuss how Dickens creates characters that are both memorable and striking. Make sure you refer to at least three. The assignment that I am writing about is Great Expectation which was written in 1880-1881 and the author is Charles Dickens. The main three characters that I will be talking about are Pip, Magwitch and Miss Havisham. Firstly before that I want to write a bit about the history of publishing at the time Charles Dickens. At that time publishing books were totally different than at present time. At that time they used to have a system called triple deckers. This was that when people wrote books they made three parts to them like volumes, and they used to sell them one after the other. This meant that at that time people were poor and couldn't afford to buy books except the rich people. So what they did was they made three parts and sold them one after the other. They had a cliff hanger at the end making the reader want to buy next volume of the book. The authors made a lot of money this way as well. ...read more.


This shows that there are things we did not know about Pip that were quite surprising. Also when Magwitch threatens him in all sorts of way Pip even then calls him respectfully by calling him "sir". Magwitch is an escaped convict. We do not find out why he was sent to jail or how he escaped. We know in the beginning of the novel that Magwitch is cruel and a bit crazy like when he says "I wish I was a frog. Or a eel" Magwitch might have gone a bit crazy in prison. The way Magwitch talks is not right either for example "That young man has a secret way pecoolier to himself" Or "I find it wery hard..." The way that Magwitch talks is because he is not educated he speaks phonetically you could say, or a person how is learning to speak English. When Magwitch meets Pip for the first time at pips parents grave Pip thinks he is a serial murderer, because of Magwitch was saying to him. Magwitch threatens Pip he says "Or I'll have you heart and liver out" Pip is very scared of what is happening to him. ...read more.


Pip presumes that must have been the time when her groom left her. What I find memorable and striking in Miss Havisham is that she is commanding everyone except Estella and she has no interest to marry again. She might have been a kind considerate woman but from what had happened to her it had changed her entirely. At the end of the novel Pip grows up to be at good looking gentlemen and marries Estella who was also trying to end up being like her. My most memorable and striking character would be Magwitch. Why I think him is because when Magwitch meets Pip for the first time he is cruel and threatening to him and later on in the novel we found out that Magwitch is pips benefactor. We learn from this that people can be multilayered. If a 19th century reader read the novel I think he/she would choose Magwitch as striking. Because they would think he is odd, first he scares Pip. Then he becomes his benefactor. They would find Miss Havisham memorable because she is not married yet. Lots of people get rejected but she took it too far. Also at 19th if you weren't married In your easy 20's then there was no hope of you being married again. English Assignment 1 1 ...read more.

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