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Look carefully at chapter 11 of Heroes and show how Robert Cormier builds suspense

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Look carefully at chapter 11 of Heroes and show how Robert Cormier builds suspense Heroes is about Francis Cassavant, who goes to war in a suicide attempt and returns with no face on a mission to kill Larry LaSalle, who destroyed Francis's childhood by rapping Francis's love, Nicole Ranard. At the beginning of chapter 11, Robert Cormier shows very clearly that the people of Frenchtown are very excited about Larry LaSalle coming home on leave from the war. He writes "a crowed gathered at Monument depot to greet his arrival", even though it is a very "hot and humid afternoon". This suggests that the crowed does not really care about the weather or their comfort and just to greet Larry LaSalle. As Larry gets off the train "we cheered as he stepped off the platform". This makes Larry seem very charismatic. "Then he was among us and we surrounded him, craving him, embracing him, getting as close to him as possible". The words "craving, embracing, getting as close as possible" imply that Larry is like a holy object that everybody wants. ...read more.


This makes us think that why there are not any adults. "His eyes moved to Nicole and I saw the rush of affection on his face" this is quit worrying because what adult looks at a teenaged girl and shows a "rush of affection" this makes the reader feel if they can trust Larry. The first of Larry leaves begins with a ball given in his honour. Cormier makes the reader feel uneasy in several ways. First by making Nicole say to Francis "stay close to me" this makes us wonder why Nicole wants Francis to "stay close" and she has never said that to him before, is Nicole scared? Another way Cormier makes us feel uneasy is by telling us that Larry is undressing himself "Larry rolling up the sleeves of his shirt, removing the medals and ribbons" telling us that he is "removing his ribbons" makes us feel uneasy because why would a hero undress on the first night. Also why isn't he going to rape Nicole still being a hero? By removing his medals and ribbons he thinks that he will become a normal person and no longer be a hero and it won't matter if he does what he is going to do. ...read more.


"Nicole and I are going to have one last dance he said, just her and me alone. It's important Francis." But why can't he dance with Francis looking? This question makes us feel uneasy. Francis does not do exactly what Larry asks; instead he stands outside the door and witnesses the whole thing. The reason why Francis does not leave is because in chapter 2 Francis says silently to Nicole "I pledge my love and loyalty for ever" meaning that he will never let anything happen to her. Also in chapter 11 when the snake dance was happening Francis says to Nicole "I will never leave you" so if Francis left he would have betrayed Nicole. When Larry rapes Nicole, Francis cant see anything but can hear everything. "I couldn't breathe my body rigid, my lungs burning." The words "burning, rigid" suggest that Francis is being punished with pain for betraying Nicole and not helping her. When Nicole gets out and Francis sees her for the first time, Nicole has got "eyes flashed black" full of anger and hate. Cormier never allows Francis to say what has happened because Francis wants to believe that what just happened never did and that Nicole is safe. Also he can't believe that a man that everybody loves did what he did. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

There are some good observations made about character in this essay and some attempts at language analysis. What is missing is the linking of ideas and points that would demonstrate a fuller understanding of the whole text.

4 Stars

Marked by teacher Laura Gater 04/10/2013

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