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"Look out!" yelled Mark.

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"Look out!" yelled Mark. I turned around abruptly to catch a glimpse of a round object manoeuvring rapidly towards me, accelerating through the cold wintry air. Smack! I fell on the floor. I did not have time to dodge the football that was heading straight for me. I must have been knocked out by the impact of the ball hitting my face and my head falling on the concrete playground, because I woke staring up at a blanket of fresh snow. I removed the blanket covering my face. I looked around. A beam of light was reflecting of the large, rather round mirror placed in one corner of the room. I was confused; I did not know where I was. I slowly got up off the hospital-like bed that I was lying on. Heading for the window on the far right wall of the room, I rolled up the blinds. To my amazement, there was hardly an inch of daylight left in the sky. It must be the darkness of the winter season. I darted towards the entrance of the room. Stopping at a corridor, I observed my surroundings. The place looked familiar. I have been here before, I kept repeating to myself. I am in my school, but why I wondered. I began panicking. The deserted corridor sent a chilling shiver down my spine. ...read more.


I did not really understand what was going on, so I began to consider whether I should trek up the playground and ask them. However, I concluded it is best to let the occupied men continue working, besides, I was not eager to walk halfway across the playground in these cold, wintry conditions. Feeling like an iceberg as seconds were passing, I decided to go back indoors. I found my way back into the main building. Bang! I heard a door slam hard. My immediate reaction was turn and look at the door I just entered through. Satisfied no one was there I turned back around and examined the ground floor. Looking straight ahead, I was sure the sound came from around the first corner to my right, I headed that way. I passed the office. If the school was empty, why would the office computer be turned on, I wondered glaring at the monitor. This raised my hopes once more that maybe I will find everyone somewhere in school. I climbed three narrow steps just before I turned into the corner. I walked a couple of meters to the door I am assuming I heard slam. Looking through the glass panel on the door, I caught a glimpse of movement. Now exceptionally anxious to find out where everyone was, I figured that maybe this person could help me. ...read more.


Someone stood up and slowly walked over to Mark and hugged him tight. I wiped the tears building in my eyes. It dawned on me that something was not quiet right. It was then I realised my mum was here, she was gripping onto Mark. What had happened? Why was Mark talking about me in the past tense? Why is my mum in school? Many questions embraced and circulated in my already baffled mind. My eyes started to well and were beginning to sting, the more I listened, the more the tears build. My eyes began losing focus. I strided halfway along the aisle and let out a cry of pain. Nobody paid any attention. Not knowing where I was going, I turned and ran out of the hall. I stopped at the corridor leading to the hall. The girl I had spoken to earlier was there. "Told you, you would not like going in there", she said arrogantly. "I have been in your shoes before, a few years back, I know how you are feeling", she finished. "What is happening, tell me now", I yelled angrily as I grabbed her hand. " Go to the pla...", not waiting to hear her reply, not wanting to hear the truth, I fled past her. I ran out of the building onto the deserted playground towards the newly planted mini-tree. I noticed a plaque beside the tree. I felt a state of numbness of what I saw before me. The plaque read: In Loving Memory of, Joseph Maguire Jr. He Fell Here ...read more.

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