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Looking at Act 1 Scene 2, Act 1 scene 5 and Act 2 Scene 2 explore the different ideas about love and marriage presented in Romeo and Juliet.

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Looking at Act 1 Scene 2, Act 1 scene 5 and Act 2 Scene 2 explore the different ideas about love and marriage presented in Romeo and Juliet. Introduction The play I am looking at is Romeo and Juliet, which was written by William Shakespeare in 1562. It's about love and tragedy. In which marriage is important. How love and marriage was seen during Shakespeare time marriage between big rich families was important because of money. When a couple get married, the man is richer than the woman is. So that the woman's family will get money from the other money family. Marriage was not for love. How Shakespeare present the theme of love and marriage in Romeo and Juliet is that, Juliet must marry Paris, but Juliet loves Romeo and they are married for love. The love between Juliet and Romeo will bring the two families, Capulet and Montague, together, for all the time of war between them. There is also family love in the play like: ?Capulet and Lady Capulet - Juliet ?Nurse - Juliet ?Juliet - Tybalt ?Romeo - Mercutio The different techniques that Shakespeare use to show his ideas to show love is the way the language is. ...read more.


Main Body The attitude towards love and marriage at the time that Shakespeare wrote this play were that the father had the right to arrange marriages for his child. The father would find a good person that has a lot of money in the family, so it work out all right for the father. The expectations between father and child in that time were that the child would do what father said to do. If the child did not do what the father said to do, the father would shout and tell them off, as well would hit the child, until the child did what he/she was told to do. Shakespeare does not go against the expectation of the time. He does all the arrange marriage stuff, as well he adds in the child not doing what he/she is told to do. The different types of love shown in Romeo and Juliet are: ?Arrange love - Paris and Juliet ?Natural love - Romeo and Juliet ?Fleeting love - Romeo and Roseline ?Family love - Capulet and Lady Capulet to Juliet Nurse and Juliet Juliet and Tybalt Romeo ...read more.


They do care for their children a lot and they are proud of their name. Both of the families seem to have the same amount of money, has big house etc... that was a good thing back in Shakespeare time. Conclusion With all the points I have made about love and marriage and refer back to the question at the beginning. How Shakespeare has presented the themes and if the play is effective as a comment on love and marriage. The way Shakespeare has done this is that in Shakespeare's time, love and marriage was very important because of money, as I said in the first paragraph the father must arrange marr5iages for his children and the entire child does what they are told. In the play, Shakespeare has used the Capulets with Juliet. The language in the play is prose expect the "love talk" that is in verk, it's like a poem, as I said in the second paragraph. So after all love and marriage was very important in Shakespeare time. Emma Berry 10N English Coursework ...read more.

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