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Looking at the Speckled Band and two other stories, Commenting on the way Arthur Conan Doyle uses the character Watson.

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Looking at the Speckled Band and two other stories, Commenting on the way Arthur Conan Doyle uses the character Watson In the following essay I am going to discuss three stories, The Speckled Band, The Five Orange Pips and The Blue Carbuncle. I shall pay particular attention to the character of Watson and the way Arthur Conan Doyle uses him effectively within crime fiction. People enjoy reading and watching crime stories (both fictional and factual) because there is a sense of resolution when the viewer finds out how the crime was pulled off. There are still many fictional detectives on television and film today, for example, Midsummer Murders, Bad Boyz I, and Bad Boyz II and the Lethal Weapon Series. The public liked Holmes because he always solved the case and deflated evil. ...read more.


For example in the Speckled Band the large animals and the jerseys were thought to be the evil murderers. In the stories Watson is the narrator. Arthur Conan Doyle did this because Watson understands the same things we do (the reader) and comes to the same conclusions. He therefore asks the questions that we, the reader, want answering. Doyle starts every one of his stories with Watson making a journal entry. I think this is more effective then using Sherlock Holmes, because Watson is at the reader's level of understanding. It would not have been so effective to use Holmes because he is likely to expect the reader to come to the same conclusions as he did. Now I shall discuss Watson's character in more detail with regard to The Speckled Band, The Five Orange Pipes and The Blue Carbuncle. ...read more.


Watson admires the work of Holmes as he says, "I have no keener pleasure than following Holmes in his professional investigation". This quote tells us that Watson and Holmes may be more then just colleagues, and Watson uses Holmes as a role model. In the Speckled Band Watson proves his loyalty when he shows his bravery by standing by Holmes. "I really have some scruples as to taking you tonight. There is a distinct element of danger". This tells the reader that Watson has became more then just someone taking down notes of what Holmes has done. He is also a friend who doesn't want anything to happen to him. Watson can also be relied upon as he is regular in his habits, "I blinked up at him in some surprise and perhaps just a little resentment, for I was myself regular in my habits". ?? ?? ?? ?? Paul Simmons Centre No: 61740 Candidate No: 9144 - Page 1 - ...read more.

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